Red Mountain

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First, Singapore never bothered by swordfish. Long and sharp-mouthed fish that likes to attack people. Countless how many people were injured and died in the attack was ferocious fish.

The king then ordered penglima war to conquer the evil fish. So, dipersiapkanlah army soldier to kill fish. However, almost all the soldiers that died in the muzzle Swordfish. Raja confused how to subdue the fish.

Amid the confusion, the King visited a child.

"Please God, His Excellency, may the servant says something about the fish?"
"Say it!"
"The fish can only be conquered by a fence banana tree."
"What do you mean?"

The definition of a child is a fence made from banana tree trunks. The trees were cut down, side by side, then glued pierced with bambo way between the one and the other to resemble a fence. The fence was then placed on the beach, where the fish usually attack people.

The king then ordered the Commander to make what dilkatakan child. Commander secretly acknowledge the child's intelligence. Secretly, he also hated that little boy. The idea of the child is made to feel stupid in front of the Commander of the King.

"I'm the one who should have the idea. Am I not the highest warlords? Cook anaka I lose by little, "he said to himself.

The next day, the fence was finished the banana tree. The fence was then placed at the edge of the beach as a child dikatakana.

It was true. The fish that attack banana tree fence could not pull back the muzzle. They mengelepar thrashing around desperately, but in vain. Their long snout and sharp and strong stuck in the soft banana tree trunk that. Finally, residents can easily kill the evil fish.

The child was given a gift by the king.

"Thank you. You are truly a smart kid, "said King.

The people rejoiced.

However, the warlord jealous and upset because they feel look stupid in front of the King was incited King.

"Your Majesty, it's a smart little boy seems to be a threat when he grows up."
"You mean?"
"You never know, when you grow up, with the intelligence he was eager to seize the throne Your Majesty."

King provoked. He then ordered the commander to get rid of the boy.

The Commander of the little boy went home and viciously killing innocent children. Surprisingly, the blood flowing and the child drenched hill land where the boy lived. The entire hill to red. The people then called it Bukit Merah.

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