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Commuting from one place of a city or town to another is not a cumbersome process today with so many options at your disposal, from buses and cabs to auto rickshaws and private cars to take you to your desired destination without much of a problem. However, having a scooter has its own quota of benefits, given its small and flexible stature which gives you ample places to park your vehicle in the smallest space available at the parking lots.

A scooter also comes extremely handy in cases where one requires traveling every day. The All Terrain Vehicles or ATVs, like scooters, also form a fabulous alternative to possessing costly vehicles and incurring huge costs over the petrol bills every month. Since both scooter parts as well as the atv parts are available at all motor stores, you will not find a difficulty replacing your scooter parts any time you want. If you are baffled as to which one would be the right one for you, here are some basic differences between scooter and ATV which might help you make your choice. 

Difference between Scooters and ATVs Appearance and Function Scooters are a species of motorcycles which come with a single seating area with the storage space tucked below it, a floorboard and wheels. The small, compact structure of the scooters make them highly efficient vehicles for shorter distances as well as running with efficacy on highways. On the other hand, if you are an adventure buff or travel rough roads every day, then ATVs are the apt vehicle choices for you. ATVs are stronger and sturdier than scooters and their low pressure tires make them challenge rugged roads without much problem.

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