Son of the Arrogant Frog and Calf

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In the midst of vast grasslands, there is a pond inhabited by dozens of frogs. Among these frogs was a frog named Kenthus child, he was the son of the great frog and powerful. Because of its advantages, the Kenthus become very arrogant. He felt that no child can defeat the other frogs.

Actually brother Kenthus've often advocated that Kentus not be overbearing on her other friends. But the advice of his brother was never disregard. This is why his friends began to avoid him, until Kenthus not have any friends to play again.

One morning, Kenthus practice jump in the meadow. When it's also a calf that was playing there. Occasionally, she approached the calf to suck milk. Calf was elated, he ran while occasionally menyenggok fresh grass. Inadvertently, the extended tongue calf's body hit the Kenthus.

"Huh, this creature dare bother me," said Kenthus in anger while trying to stay away from the calf. Actually, the calf did not intend to harass. Incidentally movement with Kenthus causing Khentus become anxious and jump immediately to save themselves.

Gasping, Kenthus reached the edge of the pond. Looking Kenthus which look very tired, his friends seem very surprised. "Hi Khentus, why are you panting, face also looks very pale," Ask his friends.

"There was nothing. I'm just worried about it. Look in the middle of the meadow. I do not know what it was, but the creature was very arrogant. Creature was going to swallow me up." Kenthus said ..

Her brother who had just arrived there to explain. "The creature calf. Brother's knowledge, the calf is not evil. They be ordinary is released in the pasture every morning."

"No evil 'Why say such a bias brother? I almost swallow that," said Kenthus. "Ah, probably not. Cattle do not eat frogs or fish but just grass." Obviously his brother again.

"I do not believe brother. Earlier, I dikejarnnya and almost kicked him." Cracks Kenthus. "O my friends, I can actually fight with mengembungkan me," said Kenthus with pride.

"Opponents have Kenthus! You certainly won," shouted the children frog abuzz.

"Come Kenthus. You will not be able to compete with the bull. Dangerous your actions. Stop!" Kenthus brother said repeatedly ignored the advice but Kenthus brother. Kenthus continue mengembungkan him, at the instigation of his friends. In fact, they deliberately wanted to give a lesson to the arrogant Kenthus.

"A little more Kenthus. Forward!" That's what friends shouted by Kenthus. After Kenthus bulging belly with a very large, sudden Kenthus fell limp. Her stomach is very sore and slowly dikempiskannya. Seeing his brother's limp state, Kenthus brother and help.

Mujurlah Kenthus's okay. He recovered as usual but his attitude has changed. He was embarrassed and annoyed by his arrogant.

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