Sparrows seeds

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In a lush valley, a group of animals to live safely and comfortably. They never lack.
The valley provides everything needed by the animals. Sources of fresh water, trees without knowing the season is always fruitful. All the animals live happily.
Meet One day a monkey with a sparrow who was pecking at the ground.
"What are you doing watching the Church?" Ask the Monkey.
Sparrows monkey looked and said "I'm collecting seeds"

Hear answers Sparrows, Monkey laughed out loud "Ha ... ha .. ha ...., what do you collect the seeds, take a look at selilingmu, so many fruits can you eat, why are you even collect anything thrown ? "
But do not ignore the words of Sparrows Monkey and still collect the seeds of fruits and then took him to the top of the hill.

The next day, the Monkey met again with Sparrow, this time bringing monkey apples in her hand
"Sparrows Hi, you're looking for seeds again huh? no wonder you're not getting bigger, you're eating the seeds, not the crew ... ha .. ha ... ha ... "sneered Monkey
Sparrows just shut up and continue to collect apple seeds are discarded by Monkey.

One day torrential rain for days, the valley was covered by water, all the animals fled to higher ground on the hill. They are cold and hungry. When the rain stops, they go down into the valley in search of food, but all the rain washed away fallen trees, no fruit to eat.

"I'm hungry, why is not there at all fruit to eat?" Groaned monkey while looking to the right and left, hoping to find a fruit that can be eaten.

After walking down the valley, Monkey met again with Sparrows
"Hi Sparrows, you can always fly high, can you show me where there is a fruit that I can eat? I'm hungry all "Tanya Monkey.

"Come on, go to my house on the hill, you will find pieces that you can eat" Bring Sparrows.
Finding no other way, Monkey follows Sparrow heading up the hill. Monkey see how shocked Sparrows yard filled with fruitful trees, Banana, Apple, Strawberry, Mango, and many others.

"How can so many fruit trees grow in your backyard" Ask the Monkey surprised.
"For a long time I collected seeds and planted fruit in my yard, I water them and clean up the weeds that grow up, I take care of him every day," said Sparrow.
"Oooo .... That is why you always collect the fruit seeds are discarded harbor. Why did not I think to grow like it? "
Sparrows also tell other animals to pick fruit in his yard. Since then, every time they ate the fruit, they set aside the seeds to be planted again, so they're not hungry anymore.

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