Speech Magic of Elves

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Previously, there was a widow who had two daughters. Children who are born arrogant and petulant as her mother, while the youngest is sweet and gentle.

The mother was very indulgent of his anaksulung that has properties similar to him, and treats the youngest very badly. The youngest he sent did almost all the work in house. One of the tasks is the youngest of the unfortunate walk 1 kilometer away to a spring and bring back water in a large bucket.

On a day when the youngest was taking water in the springs, an old lady came in and asked for water to drink.

"Wait a minute, I'll get clean water for you," said the younger to the older woman. He took the water clear and clean, and handed it to the old woman by using a jug of water that can be easily taken.

The old lady who is actually a fairy man said, "You are very polite and helpful, so I'll give you a miracle. Every word you say will issue a flower, gemstones, and pearls from the mouth. "

The youngest did not understand the old woman. He just smiled and said goodbye and walked home.

When she got home, her mother scolded her for too long to bring water. The youngest apologized to her mother and told the incident that he experienced, that he was helping an elderly woman who later gave him a miracle. During the youngest storytelling, flowers, gemstones and pearls kept falling out of his mouth.

"Well, I should tell your sister to go there." Said the mother. Then he sent the eldest to go to the spring, and when met an old woman, he sent the eldest to be nice and help him.

The eldest of the lazy do not want to go that far on foot. But clearly, his mother told him to go, "Go there now!" Slipping the silver into a container of water in the bag the eldest.

Fuming eldest headed springs. When he arrived there, he found the old woman. But this time the old woman dressed like a queen. Then the old woman asked for a drink to the eldest.

"Do you think I came all this way just to give you a drink? And do not think you can drink from my silver water container. If you want to grab yourself a drink at the spring, "the elder said to the old woman.

Because of his rough, old lady who is actually a fairy's curse. "For every word you say, a frog or a snake will fall out of your mouth!"

When he arrived home, the elder tells what happened to her mother. When told, some snakes and frogs falling out of his mouth.

"My goodness," she shouted in disgust. "It's all because of your brother. Where is he? "

The mother then went looking for the youngest. Frightened, the youngest and ran and hid in the woods.

A prince who is hunting surprised to see a girl who was crying alone in the woods. When Prince was asked, with the youngest sobbing to tell what happened. When told, the flowers, pearls and precious stones were falling from his mouth.

Prince fell in love with the good girl. And the Prince also knew his father would not mind getting a good law as it is, especially with pearls and precious stones continues to produce. So the youngest prince was brought to the palace, and then they get married and live happily.

Meanwhile at home, the attitude of the elder became increasingly sickening, and he was constantly issuing frogs and snakes from his mouth, until she was out of the house.

Since he did not know where to go and no one wants to contain it because of its poor, coupled with the frogs and snakes were kept out of his mouth, so he finally left alone in the woods.

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