Stages For Productive Product Design

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Expanding an item can appear like a daunting task yet if you know tha main stages and phases required things will be much easier. Merchandise design may be broken into seven steps that I will describe in this article.

Difficulty Assessment

It's a smart idea to write down what the complication is initial. Don't write down the solution to the trouble at this point, even if you know howto do so. You simply need to state what the challenge is and nothing more. I have seen the development of brand-new merchandise become complex and time-consuming mainly because the difficulty was never written down. A accurate statement of the problem helps keep everyone on the same page and works to eliminate project creep.

Design Specification

This is the stage in which a solution to the previously defined situation starts to form. At this point a list of demands of everything you could can think of need to be written down. You are not coming up with a solution just yet only setting the needs needed to produce the merchandise. Some examples of what ought to be on your list consist of, a retail price range (how much are individuals whiling to pay for this), size of the object (does it need to fit into someone's hand or through a door or in a garage), how quickly should it go, does it have to be water proof, what ought to it be made of, does it use batteries or plug into the wall. This list can go on and on yet the important thing is that you list what's critical to you. This list will help you and your designer in the next stage.

Idea Generation

Now you're getting somewhere, the situation has been defined and requirements have been set. At this point you must brainstorm and sketch out your ideas. Do not worry if the drawings are not pretty, you're only trying to see if the concepts could work or if there is an obvious flaw. If you are not mechanically inclined, you might wish to find someone who specializes in product or industrial design to help. A lot of design organizations have no difficulty meeting with you to discuss and sketch a couple of ideas before you'll be under any obligation to sign a contract or pay anything. You will wish to come up with one or two good ideas before moving to the next stage.

Concept Design

Once at least one good idea for the new merchandise has been sketched you'll wish to have the design worked out in a little more detail. The designer will come up with a basic 3d design on a laptop or computer which is comprehensive enough to be sure the idea will work yet not so detailed that it takes more than just a couple of hours to finish . This is the last step where an idea is either given the green light or trashed.

Comprehensive Design

Now that a solid concept design has been created its time to get down to the details. In this phase the designer will create full detail three-dimensional virtual models of all parts, work out design problems, create assembly and part drawings for each and every part, find suppliers for all purchased components and produce three dimensional physical prototypes if required. This phase is accomplish when all problems have been solved and a full set of drawings have been delivered.


Testing is a very significant part of item design and should not be overlooked. This step can certainly be as simple as having a few people make use of the item for feed back or as complicated as sending it to a testing laboratory for example UL for a thorough testing by professionals. The level of testing will most likely be determined by requires of any retail shops that will be selling the item. It's crucial that you've someone test the item which has not been involved in the design process even if it is a friend. Someone who has not been part of the design will give a less biased opinion plus you can watch out for any difficulty they might have utilizing the item.


The final stage in the design process is manufacturing, in this step you or your designer will find suitable manufacturing facilities to generate the merchandise. You'll need to come up with an agreement with the producer on the terms of what they will be providing, the cost and when it'll be delivered.

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