Stylish Basketball Moves

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Over the years the game of basketball has become growingly common worldwide, particularly among young adults. The different moves used in basketball are very stylish and useful for shaking one’s opponent to the net. Therefore if you are interested in playing the sport, here are a few of the moves that you should know. 

Dribbling just refers to when an individual is moving while bouncing the ball constantly at the same time. The wraparound is another basketball move in which the person with the ball (ball handler) is bouncing the ball with one hand and dribbles it behind his/her back to switch it to his/her other hand. This move is mostly used when an opponent (defender) moves in to take the ball from the ball handler.

Another basketball move is the spin move in which the ball handler rotates his/her body to stand between the defender and the ball instead of facing the defender. This move can be done while the ball handler is dribbling or while playing in a post position. However, the sudden turn can leave the ball handler a little confused but if done correctly it can successfully throw off the defender.

A crossover dribble is a move in which the ball handler changes the pace at which he/she dribbles the ball to puzzle the defender. If the defender is traveling in one direction and the ball handler does a crossover, it is hard for the defender to change directions so swiftly and in some situations the defender might even fall down which is called an ankle breaker.

Another move is the behind the back dribble where the ball handler bounces the ball behind his/her back and changes it to the other hand. This move is different from the wraparound as the ball is not intended to go around the body as it is in the wraparound move. This move is most handy if your teammate is unavailable, to move closer to the hoop with minimum space between yourself and the defender, or to outrun the defender.

In a 2 person basketball game there are some moves that are used which are not frequently used in a game between 2 full teams as there is more space to run around and fewer defenders to think about. One of these is a give and go move where the ball handler passes the ball to his/her teammate and immediately goes to an open area to get the ball. This move is usually used to take the ball closer to the hoop while being able to move quickly to another position.

One more 2 player move is a back door play in which a player gets behind the defense, receives the ball and gets an easy score. This move is often pulled off when the defenders are focused on the ball handler and are not paying attention to the other player or the open space behind them. If you want to learn these and other basketball moves, check out a few of the video tutorials available on the internet.

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