The hare and the snail

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One day the deer seem sleepy. His eyes seemed heavy to open. "Aaa .... rrrrgh", the occasional deer seem to evaporate. Because the day was quite sunny, the deer feel a loss if the waste. He began to take a stroll through the woods to dispel sleepiness. Up on a hill, the Kancil shouted arrogantly, "O the woods, I am the most intelligent animals, clever and smart in this forest. Nothing can match the intelligence and my intelligence ".

As he puffed out his chest, the Kancil was off and running down the hill. When we reached the river, he met with a snail. "Hi deer!", Greeted the snails. "Why are you screaming? Were you happy? ", Said the snail. "No, I just want to tell all the inhabitants of the forest if I am the most intelligent animals, ingenious and clever", said the deer Proudly.

"Arrogant once you hare, I am the most intelligent animals in the forest," said the Snail. "Hahahaha ......., which may be" teased Kancil. "To prove it, what if tomorrow morning we race?", Challenged the Snail. "Okay, I accept your challenge," said the hare. Finally they both agreed to hold a race tomorrow morning.

After the Kancil go, the snail soon gather his friends. He asked for help to his friends lined up and hide in the race track, and the answers that the deer call.

Finally, the awaited day has arrived, deer and slugs were ready to race. "Are you ready to run a race with me", said the deer. "Of course I have, and I would win," said the snail. Then the deer slug invited to run first and called to make sure it is the extent to which the snails.

Deer running relaxed, and felt confident that he would win. After a few steps, the deer tried to call the snails. "Snail .... Where you been up to?", Cried the deer. "I'm in front of you!", Cried the snails. Hare astonished, and soon his pace. Then he called again the snail, and the snail replied with the same words. "I was there in front of you!"

Eventually the deer ran, but he called the snails each, he always comes up and says that he was ahead deer. Sweat profusely, his legs felt weak and gasping breath.

Deer ran on, until he saw the finish line. The face of deer are very pleased, because when he called snail, is not there any more answers. Hare felt that he was the winner of that race.

How surprised the deer, because he saw the snail was sitting on a rock near the finish line. "O deer, why are you so long? I've come out of that! ", Cried the snails. With bowed heads, the deer over to the snails and admit defeat. "So do not get cocky, you're so clever and smart, but you're not the most intelligent and clever," said the snail. "Yeah, I'm sorry snails, I would not be arrogant again", said the deer.

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