The History of The Sniper

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Snipers first appearance is in the World War I, where they appear as a deadly sharpshooters in the trenches. At the begginig of the war only Germany had troops that were trained how to use scoped sniper rifles. And Germany was the only country which has equipped their soldiers with scoped rifles that could pick off enemies showing their heads out of their trench. 

The snipers appeared to be one of the most important factors at the battlefield. In the World War II the snipers reappeared again as the most important factors, but this time the Soviet Union had their own specialized sniper units. Soviet snipers were trained as marksmen, they were also trained to hide themselves. Some of the most used rifles during the World War II: the Soviet Mosin Nagant, the German Mauser Karabiner, the British Lee-Enfield etc. 

Currently the longest range for a sniper kill stands at 2,430 meters accomplished by Master Corporal Rob Furlong in March 2002 during the war in Afghanistan. He used 50 caliber BMG (12,7mm) McMillan TAC-50 bolt-action rifle. The police snipers differ in their areas of operation and strategy. The police snipers are part of a police operation, usually in hostage scenarios, negotiations. The police sniper has a well known rule: “Be prepared to take a life to save a life.”

Snipers are trained to squeeze the trigger straight back with the ball of their finger, to avoid jerking the gun sideways. The key to sniping is accuracy, which applies to both the weapon and the shooter. The gun should be able to consistently place shots within high tolerance, and the sniper must use the weapon accurately to place shots under varying conditions. Any way to be a specialized sniper you have to accomplish a lots of terms. Not everyone can be a sniper. If you wanna be a sniper all you have to do is to join the Military, after you are in you need to sign up for infantry service, the sign up for an infantry Mission of Service, there you have to qualify as an expert with the rifle.

When you are qualified as an expert you need to finish BT and be the best or near the best in your class, and finally when you are in the sniper school all you have to do is pass. And good luck. But if you do not want to get in the sniper school because you hate violence or maybe you cannot stand seeing blood, and despite all that you are really interested in snipers you can turn your computer on and find some really cool and interesting sniper games online and you can shoot as long as you want. There are no orders or somebody to tell you what to do. So this is your choice make the right one. 

And finally if you are a sniper lover you have to know their phrase “one shot, one kill”. This phrase embodies the sniper’s strategy and philosophy of stealth and efficiency. Subject to debate is whether the phrase actually reflects reality, but this phrase has been widely used.

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