The Selfish Giant

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Once upon a time, there was an enormous garden and beautiful, belonged to a giant. The garden was very beautiful with green grass and soft, beautiful flowers, and dozens of fruitful trees.

Every day, children go to the park to play and listen to the birds chirp tunable from the trees.

Giant was away for 5 years to visit her family in another country. Now, he's back to his house, a very big house with a garden in front of him. Upon arrival at the park, he saw children playing there. Giant rebuked them, "What are you doing here? Go! This park is mine! "Children are frightened ran from the park.

Not wanting anyone else to enjoy the beauty of the garden again, and then build a giant high walls surrounding the park, and memadang writing "The entered without permission will be punished!" Children lose the park. Occasionally they climbed up and peered through high walls, watching the garden and bitterly discuss the games they used to do there.

Day after day passed. The flowers in the garden was no longer blooming. The birds no longer sing and stopping fruiting trees. Grass and leaves that were once lush and green now dry and brown. Giants do not understand why his own garden becomes beautiful again.

One morning, the giant heard the music. Turns out it was the sound of birds chirping outside the window. Been a long time since the last time she heard the birds singing a beautiful way.

Giants closer to the window and listen to the birds chirp sadly. "What happened to my garden? I hope my garden can be beautiful as ever, with birds singing melodious like you. "Said the giant bird. The bird flew by the giant and said "your garden will not be the same without the presence of the children. Your garden miss the laughter and the sound of children happily. Trees, flowers, grass, and the birds we want the presence of the children who make this place full of joy again. "

Giants realized his mistake. During this time he was too selfish, and consequently he lived alone and feeling lonely.

Giant also took a big hammer and destroy the walls of the garden. Removal of the installation of written warnings first, and called the children to play in the park. Initially the children are afraid. However, when they see the face of a giant who is now a friendly, they followed him to the park to play there. Moreover, children also miss playing in the park.

Parks belong to the giant went back full of children playing happily. The flowers were blooming among the grass back green. The leaves and fruit trees meet, along with the birds singing with melodious.

Giant said to the kids, "Now, my garden is the garden of yours, too." Now giants not only have a beautiful garden, but he also has a lot of little friends are cheerful.

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