The thrill of Scuba diving

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To state the obvious Sri Lanka is an island. It is surrounded by the amazing Indian Ocean. For the enthusiast a dive in Sri Lanka offers all the heart could desire, with the diverse marine life, corals and of course the wrecks! Areas such as Hikkaduwa and Unawatuna in the down south region and Kalpitiya, Trincomalee and Batticaloa provide perfect diving. Whichever you opt for snorkelling around the corals brimming with marine life or proper scuba diving, these are must visit locations.

The lure of diving is addictive, once started hard to stop. It allows you to enter a whole new world as your body glides weightlessly through the silent water. Being so close to an out of world experience is what brings back divers time after time. Underwater life has so much to explore while viewing up close a wreck that has been claimed by the sea has something so intensely alluring about it that enthusiasts return time after time experiencing something new with each visit.

If you are holidaying in Sri Lanka and wish to do some diving while holidaying by the sea, it can easily be organized as there are many diving schools and equipment providers where you can rent with ease the gear you will need. If you are travelling to Sri Lanka with the specific intention of diving then get in touch with holiday providers who are experts in providing custom tours and packages that ensure that you will experience all the ideal diving locations in Sri Lanka. You will also not have to worry about finding the necessary equipment. This will leave you more time to concentrate on what is important to you, enjoying as many hours of diving as possible! With a little online research you can find and organize your diving holiday as you wish and have all the details sorted out before your arrival. For diving it is best to avoid the rainy seasons as the waters will not be calm or conducive for diving.

It is the ideal time to visit Sri Lanka as it has become a hot tourist destination, welcoming more and more visitors each year. It is a good beach holiday vacation destination as it is relatively cost effective when compared to other destinations. Being completely prepared as a tourist destination allows Sri Lanka to showcase its famous hospitality.

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