The Uses of UV Spectrophotometer in Modern Times

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Ultra Violet or UV Spectrophotometer is vastly used in today’s modern times. It is actually an instrument that helps in the adjusting and measurement of the intensity of light before it is made to pass an object. It is one of the most rapidly evolving technology and chemistry and bio chemist enthusiasts use it for their research purposes. From science laboratory to engineering, it uses are diverse and are being further expanded. In modern times, it has a number of uses and here are some of them: RNA and DNA can be checked and analyzed with the use of uv spectrophotometer. They absorb it very efficiently which makes it possible to see DNA or RNA of very low concentration.

No wonder that it is used in clinical laboratories and forensic labs a great deal. In research works, how organic compounds react is often deciphered with its help. Sometimes even that which is not seen under a microscope clearly is made more intense of inspection with the help of UV spectrophotometer. Its greatest advantage is that it can regulate intensity of light, thus suiting various purposes. On the other hand, it is also used as a detector in chromatography. With its various combinations it can produce the required data which are again used by ink companies, textiles, printing companies etc.

They can determine the color of an object much better; hence, they are also used by paint companies on occasions. It can be said that the use of UV Spectrophotometer has changed the way in these above mentioned elements used to work before. Work has now become faster and more cost effective. With the rapidly evolving technology, it will definitely be put to much more use in future.

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