Tips To Start Collecting Vintage Posters

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Vintage posters are essentially posters that were designed for ads quite a few decades back. Any such ad poster that is about half a century old could be termed "Vintage".

Well, if you have questions on why there is so much excitement about a piece of paper on which some advertisement was printed, then, the answer is very simple and straight. These posters have "History" pasted on them. They reflect the past. They tend to associate you to the yester years. Simply saying, you could cherish them as a valuable piece of antique.

However, if you are a first-time gatherer looking out for vintage poster, there are chances that you could get fooled by the different fakes and replicas obtainable. So here are some tips on how you can ensure if you are about to buy a priceless piece of art or not:

The first thing that you should know about vintage posters is that they were actually made with the aim of being displayed in the street as advertisements or for some form of public declaration. So, they were not made with an idea of longevity. The papers they were published were not meant to last for long and were of marginal or low quality. So if you risk upon a 'vintage poster' that looks new and impressed on excellent quality paper, BEWARE! You might be encountering a fake.

Nevertheless, irrespective of age and quality of paper, these posters could nevertheless appear fresh provided, they were stored very carefully or preserved using healthy preservation methods.

Another significant thing to mark is that these posters come with a high price label. They definitely deserve the price if they are commendable enough. The value of a vintage poster can be marked based on the following constituents: The originality of the poster The artist How rare the poster is Condition of the poster (Yet, rare posters get high rates even if condition is not too good) Preservation technique used Technique used for impressing the poster

It is required to practice proper care and caution while buying a vintage poster. However, a poster well bought is definitely a valued investment.

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