Understand The Difference Of Web development And Web Design

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Construction and web development of the website are two closely related but are not the same. While the site is responsible for installing a pair of web pages and create your website, web site web development is on its characteristics. The appearance of a website depends mainly on the construction of websites, but the functionality is especially web web development. But to understand the contribution that the two processes, it is necessary to divide the activities leading to the creation of a website in the following four groups. 

• Sites Design Web
• Functionality

Ease of use

• Contents

The appearance of the site is an important aspect when it comes to the competitive advantage of a site. To give good Web page designers try to follow certain principles, but apparently the best sites is done with the innovative ideas of Web designers. Font sizes, models and the use of color are the tools at your disposal. When a site is competing in cyberspace, appearance and also plays an important role.


Functionality of the site is mainly incorporated into the design phase, using languages like Java and PHP. And "the ability to create dynamic web pages in these languages. Web pages that are created using these techniques is much more interactive features. Health and Beauty sites using these techniques often. You could see that when you move the mouse over the images to resize and change its color. All are part of web web development.

Ease of use

The best judges of the usability of a website is that the Web sites visited by users. Easy navigation, load times shorter and easier to use other programs are all results of best practices of web development. All these are covered by friendship.


Content is one of the key elements of a website. A site without content is like a blank page of a newspaper. A good content that visitors are always looking. It is the content that attracts visitors as well as good content is able to convert visitors into customers. Adding good content is essentially a function that belongs to web designers.

When you look at this, it is clear that web design and web development are interdependent functions that can not exist alone. Therefore, a website web development company with web designers and website developers. They work closely together to reach the final quality sites.

A web designer who has a good knowledge of HTML and Photo Shop can add the necessary content of a web page with graphics, but to encourage the same graphics or have different effects on them, you need a Web developer. There are many places where design a web site and work together on web development. Therefore, although these are two different aspects of web design and web development are issues that go hand in hand

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