Understanding e-mail

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Understanding e-mail to in the review of the first stands for. Email is short for electronic mail or electronic mail. In one computer literature, I even get the term e-mail to electronic mail as language translation of the email (electronic mail). It's just that, for me personally the term seems much more comfortable email ears.

Furthermore, pengeritan E-mail or electronic mail or electronic mail is one type of Internet service that can be used to send letters electronically. Letters will be sent according to the address given to him. Every Internet user has a unique address, just like our phone number. Each person can even have more than one email address as the phone number that one person could have tens of numbers.

Email address consists of two parts separated by an @ sign. The first part is a user-id and the second part shows the e-mail service provider, such as kang.moes @, kang.moes a user-id is sedangakan gmail e-mail service provider.

There are two types of e-mail, the web-based email and non web-based. To be able to use e-mail, web-based we must register in advance through siitus provided, for example,, and others - others, while for non web based application through a service provider administrator. Similarly, brief information about the meaning of this email.

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