University life

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Where God as Rector and his creations become teachers. The following course syllabus diktatnya can be read in the Scriptures that we believe. Even the mighty theories and formulas advanced in life there is in the Bible.

The material is very Much. from of life goals, life, and death. There is also a class of love, patience, class, class struggle, etc.. Where all students learn for sure. The location can be anywhere and anytime can access courses and learn.

Sometimes, the lecturer gave an impromptu test. But that does not mean without prior notice. The difficulty level for each student exams are not the same. But the difficulty never exceeds the capacity of the student.

There are a graduate with a good value. There are also graduate with mediocre. But some are not passed, even chose to resign from the university. Everyone had the opportunity to study at this university. Only time studying owned depending on the age of each student. Alumni of the university is titled 'late' or 'deceased'. But not all of the alumni graduate with good grades. Transcripts will be given after the alumni 'graduation'. These values determine where the alumni will be ABADI UNIVERSITY.


There are many things in life are not in school and get to college. Here we will learn together about many things that happen in our daily lives. Life experience can not be exchanged for cash. Each person is unique and different life stories. Be an inspiration to others with pengalamn life that we have.

University life is to find and deliver the truth about life. Life is like music, which must be composed by ear, feeling and instinct, not by rule is not clear tip base. The most important thing in the Olympic Games is not winning but participation ... The most important of life is not the triumph
but how to play it well.

In UNIVERSITY LIFE we will learn that one does not see greatness when he stood up and gave the order, but when he stood as tall as the others and help others to bring out the best of themselves in order to achieve success.

Be part of the UNIVERSITY OF LIFE because it will make your life be an inspiration to others. ^ ^


"The University is where my college life
Trouble is my department Management
Suffering is one of my favorite subjects
Drops of sweat and tears are the best friends in my classroom

Poverty has always been a hot topic on campus
Self-reliance is the most important task given to me
Lighten the burdens of others are also included in my responsibilities
Work hard, smart and has a love is an obligation that must be run by me

village life's problems become my point of CCN
courage to do my knowledge systems are
limitation is not a significant obstacle for me
gets in the way as did the failure is not blocking my ideals

Happy world and the next is the title skripsiku
Prayer is the faculty mentors and struggle
Successful people become complete library for me
do not miss my family and friends are always encouraged to promptly won kesarjanaanku

I bow to you thanks O Lord ....
You for letting me into your best university, and a hope that I could have graduated from the best universities Thy. "

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