What is Happiness?

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How many people in this world whose lives are filled with a sense of unease in his heart and the endless confusion just because of the wrong perception about happiness. Just what is it happiness? Megapa many people find it difficult to achieve it? Whether they could not find happiness? Or they find things that are similar to but real happiness is not bliss? This question has been around since centuries ago, and the mysteries of happiness is still yet to find a complete answer, here I will try to menoba mendevinisikan such happiness,
I think the fact they were not not find happiness, only the majority of people are wrong in interpreting such happiness.

How could I not? because the truth is that happiness can only be felt by the people who operate the machine-intelligent and steadfast grateful with everything that happened to him in this world comes as second nature for God's beliefs. So if someone has life as it should be and when failure does not chasten him despair of kegaglan and when success in a business he achieved, arrogant and cocky nature not to be visible from it.

But what happens when this is not like the story above, therefore here I will mention a few things that cause us to achieve happiness is difficult to be avoided and make it as the best solution to achieve true happiness in life

First: People tend to seek happiness by finding objects beyond what they think will membahagakan, in this case that is important is money, happiness is often interpreted with money, possessions and wealth because they believe that is the ability kebhagiaan when we can get whatever we usually will and the best solution for mendapatkanya is money. This is what makes us mencurhkan my strength and mind to acquire it.

What is interesting in this case it turns out money can not make us feel happy but instead of discontentment. Semaki we earn the more we are also dissatisfied with the results we've gained and the satisfaction of keidak kebhagian this then it is definitely not something we acquire.

Second: People interpret sreingkali kebhagiaan with pleasure and enjoyment. Everyone is always looking for kesenagna and avoid pain, this is already a natural tendency of human beings without exception, but often people only a short-term perspective mempunayai menyebabkanya fall into the abyss of human sringkali ketidakbhagiaan as deluded on enjoyment and pleasure when ujungya deliver on a much penderiataan kebih depth.

Getting a lot of money much easier way is fun, but people forget that the tip of the happiness he had to pay with suffering awaited suppose if he should face prosecution for corruption, tempted by the pleasures of sex Kasak eyes seem that it is a form of kebhagiaan and looks very pleasing to then have to reap destruction of credibility.

Four: the lack of human percayaanya be a law of nature that is the law of cause and effect that has been set by God in the world as God's way of intervention of this world because every action in nature there will be consequences, nothing is free. Surely goodness will result in goodness too, though not occur directly as well as the opposite of. Many people minded that this natural law adalh brfikir relative and that he could outsmart the laws of nature, perhaps thinking that causes people did not hesitate to commit crimes even though they see themselves know that every evil will reap evil.

Thought just as it is in fact reflects that humans do not fully believe in the Law-Hukam of God, when we commit the slightest offense then surely we have destroyed our own kbahagiaan. Remember that the human soul is holy by nature, so if we commit a crime certainly appear anxiety, restless and feeling persecuted guilt, someone who committed a crime could have been Mersa excited about the crimes. but could not deny it was behind kesenagnya uneasy feeling of peace and not always inggap dihatinaya. Limit of human happiness is good, when a man came out gari track then his goodness will be nervous and will return peace again if he returned to his goodness.

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