What You Need to Know About the Practice Permit Test

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When it comes to taking the practice permit test, you may be wondering if you really have to practice or study. The truth is, you probably do. In most cases you will be a new driver and the information, though it may be fresh in your mind, is totally new to you. Eventually, driving will be like second nature to you, but until then, if you don't practice or study, you will probably not pass the practice permit test in your state, which means you will not pass the real test when the time comes. Luckily there are some great resources out there for you to use as you prepare for this test and here is what you need to know before you take it.

Get Your DMV Manual and Actually Read It

One of your most important resources as you go along this journey will be your DMV manual. The DMV manual will be different for each state, so it is important that you are using the right manual for your location. Though laws are similar state by state, they are not exactly the same. If you, for instance, use a Texas DMV manual to study for the Oklahoma driving test, you will probably not fare very well. This manual will be one of the most important resources that you will have as you prepare to take your practice permit test.

Use a Cheat Sheet

Typically when you are studying for a test of any kind, there will be some things that really stand out as important. One way to get an advantage for this test over others will be to make a cheat sheet or download a cheat sheet that is already made. There are many sources online where you can get a cheat sheet to prepare for the practice permit test. You can also, of course, make your own as well. Putting things that you have gotten stuck on or have a hard time remembering are perfect additions to any cheat sheet that you will use.

Make Sure to get Your Driving Hours In

The actual permit test will be taken in two parts: a written portion and driving portion. Thus far, we have only focused on the written part, which will actually be taken on a computer in most cases. The driving part of the test is equally important and even if you pass the written part, if you can't pass the driving part, you will be out of luck. It is important to get out on the road for two very important reasons in order to prepare. The first reason is that you will need to practice driving for the driving portion of the test. The second reason is that when you actually drive, you will be able to use and more fully understand the information you have found in your DMV manual.

Practice, Practice, Practice

If you really want to pass your driving permit test the first time, depending on your state, you will need to pass both the written and driving portions of the test. The driving portion is easy to practice as long as you have a willing licensed driver to go with you but the written part of the test may be more difficult to practice.

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