Why Does Your Business Need A Spam Filter

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Spam plagues email inboxes around the globe. The cost of spam for businesses and individuals can be steep. From unwanted solicitations to identity theft, spam is a serious issue. Endless hours are spent on spam damage control. A spam filter helps to eliminate these annoying and potentially dangerous communications. Recently Ferris Research revealed the worldwide cost of spam totaled $100 billion in 2007. A spam filter makes life easier by clearing up files. Spam protection also helps ward off possible viruses that may be lurking within suspicious emails.

Almost 100 billion spam emails are sent out everyday. A large number of these emails are sent from botnets or zombie networks. Spam communications include sales of products and services, pornographic content and viruses that can seriously damage your computer system. More than a quarter of all corporate email received is spam. It takes an average of five seconds to delete a spam email. Hours are wasted deleting spam correspondence when employees could be spending their time performing more productive tasks. A spam filter saves your business time and money by filtering out the majority of these undesirable emails.

Your email address is often posted on your business website. While this makes it easy for customers to contact you, it also leaves your business open to receiving spam. Consider using an alternate email address on your business website so your everyday email box is not overflowing with spam. Have a spam filter in place to filter out the most offensive correspondence. Make sure you never open spam emails. When you open spam emails, you are likely to receive more or even be the target of a vicious virus. Warn employees to delete spam emails without opening them. Use a spam filter to minimize the problem of processing spam.

Viruses can compromise private corporate data and even cause identity theft. Protecting your business and your customers is of key importance. To have a successful online business, customers need to feel secure about your operations. Getting rid of spam helps your business maintain a higher level of security.

Your business is more productive when less spam is filling its inboxes. For a minimal monthly cost, a spam filter will help to get rid of offensive correspondence. Email should save time and not waste it. Get a spam filter to regain valuable business time and eliminate the threat of unwanted emails.

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