Why a Map of Maui Is Necessary for Tourists

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Details as to climate profile, fauna and flora, geographical location, latitude and longitude, physical characteristics, soil structure, vegetative structures, etc. of places are provided by maps. Over the years, maps have been used for education and/or reference in school and colleges, houses and in offices. Maps used to be in 2-dimensional paper-printed formats. Now, more up-to-date and accurate information is represented by dynamic or 3-dimensional maps. Thus, for anyone visiting Maui or interested in America's 17th largest island, there is a lot that can be learned from a Map of Maui.

Maui has 729 square miles of land area, which makes it the second largest Hawaiian Island. Its length is 48 miles and at its widest point, its width is 26 miles. According to the 2010 U.S. Census, the population of Maui is 144,444. 36% of the population is Caucasian, 23% is Japanese, and the rest includes Chinese, Filipino and Hawaiian. "Valley Isle" is the nickname of Maui. Kahului, Lahaina and Wailuku are the biggest towns in Maui.

Maui's main airport is located in island's central valley in Kahului. Direct service from Canada and the United States to Maui is offered by all major airlines. In West Maui, Kapalua, there is also a smaller airport, and in East Maui, Hana, there is a commuter airport. Cattle, Diversified Agriculture, Pineapple, Sugar and Tourism are the major industries of Maui.

The climate in Maui around the year is fairly mild since it is a tropical island, and the Pacific Ocean tempers the island's climate. At sea level, 75° F is the average afternoon temperature during the cold winter months of January and December. In the summer, the hottest months are September and August when the temperatures are in the low 90s, ranging from 75° F to 85° F. As a result of prevalent trade winds, most rainfall hits the northeast or north-facing shores, which leaves the southwest and south areas comparatively dry.

Thus, there is definitely a lot more that people might not know about Maui, even if they are living nearby, and tourists might actually be absolutely clueless about the details of this island. This is why a map of Maui can give quite a lot of insight of this large island, especially to those who are planning to travel there very soon. Maps of Maui are easy to find and can make traveling around the city quite easy.

When tourists go to a particular place, they often come to a point where they have no clue where they are going. The only reasons tourists are not able to find their way out is because they do not carry a map with them. Had they carried a map with them, it would have guided them in the right track. The same can also happen to someone traveling to Maui as well, since the island is so enormous. Luckily, today have a map while traveling does not mean carrying a piece of printer paper. Today, tourists visiting Maui can access the map of Maui online.

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