Why The TomTom XXL 540 GPS Navigator Is The One To Get

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A new directional tool that helps a lot of drivers is the TomTom XXL 540 GPS Navigator, and its many features will be discussed in this article. One of the leaders in this field, TomTom, has been making these devices for a long time, and as popular as GPS systems have become, there are many brands and models that you can choose from. Of all the leading competitors in this field, the TomTom XXL 540 is one of the leaders.

If you are familiar with these products, TomTom XXL 540 GPS Navigator is known for its Lifetime Maps and Lifetime Traffic to help its customers navigate. With LifeTime Maps, you receive four new updates per year, so you can be sure that the maps you're looking at are very current. Going down any road, you can use the LifeTime Traffic to determine how fast traffic is moving at how long it will take you to get your destination. You will know in advance if there is any road construction, or if a traffic jam has occurred that you need to be prepared for. Getting to your destination using the Tom Tom XXL 540 has never been easier, even if you were to only use these to lifetime components.

The TomTom XXL 540 is a portable GPS system that will serve you well in finding the shortest possible routes to your destinations. You can also use this not only for driving, but for walking around; all you have to do is put it into pedestrian mode and hang it on your belt. You can carry this around by folding up the Fold & Go EasyPort Mount. To make sure that your unit is not stolen, fold it up and take it along with you. It is very easy to share this GPS with others wherever they may go.

Although most GPS units today come with standard Bluetooth, the Tom Tom XXL 540 does not have this feature built in. Radio transmissions in the FM band are also signals that this GPS cannot pick up or access. GPS units that have so many features are fun toys to play with, however, none of these are necessary to actually utilize the GPS as a navigation system. Due to the fact that Bluetooth is such a standard, especially while driving a car, you should find a GPS that has it so it is available. GPS Bluetooth is not known for its superior quality, so you may want to avoid one that has this technology and get a Bluetooth for your phone that is designed to work with your mobile company. The TomTom XXL 540 is an advanced GPS system that's still affordable, though it lacks some of the features you'll find on more expensive units, such as Bluetooth. Even though it has less features, it still will get you where you want to go, as fast as possible. Your GPS will stay up to date with the current road conditions, because it has Lifetime Traffic and map updates.

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