Willingness and Confidence

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Be thankful you are for what Allah has given to you. Because not everyone can feel the pleasure of having a body like your completeness. But remember, tomorrow, or one second from now Allah SWT can revoke it any favors. Therefore, use these favors for things - things that are useful, of course, for the good of others. But do not you despair over what Allah has given to you, because God is all-knowing for sure what is best for us. ?

At this time I was inspired by the story of sisters who are less fortunate, but I was amazed to them. Because we are not necessarily perfect as it can do what they do. Try to contemplate for a moment, if one day our eyes closed, so many easy thing to do would be very difficult. For example, How can we read when we do not see the writing? How can we go to a place if we can not see the road? And there are a lot of how - if I describe how the other one at the usual easy to do will be hard. And try to think about once again, if we can not see the rest of our lives, what will we do? Most people who experience this will be desperate and take shortcuts just like a suicide. Naudzubillahiminzalik.

But I was really amazed to you - our brothers from birth can not see the beauty of this world. Unlike us, we were in anugerahi perfection by God, can see and feel the beauty of this world. We can see the Sun, the Moon, Beach, Lake, Mountain, Tree - towering trees, a handsome face, a beautiful face, and a lot of creation - creation of Allah that will never run out if we think. But unfortunately, the blessings God has given to us sometimes as much done to it - it is not beneficial and leads to immorality. But this is where Allah SWT give a positive value to our brother's. Allah does not want if the person - the person sees things - things that are not useful and will be in torment in the hereafter. But is not that which I will present to my story this time.
Our brother had gotten used to walk to a place without getting lost, and able to return to his home even though he did not see. Though many things - things that would prevent the place to get the goal. Like, falling into a hole, stumbling stone, hit the wall, hit a fence, even things that may mecelakan him. However all is not an obstacle for him. Why is that? We can take a positive from the story above.

In this life, we are always feared by something that has not happened. We can liken our dream is that our brothers are headed. And obstacles that will hinder our brother to get to the place tujuaannya is a challenge to realize our dreams. Willingness to realize our dreams is not enough if the lack of confidence in the wade. Lack of willingness of the self is the main capital to realize our dreams. The willingness of the self will be realized if we really - really live and plan carefully. So that we can easily achieve our dreams. While confidence is motivation from within ourselves that we will reach our dreams.

Even though a lot of hoops to get it. Just like you we had while walking to a place, he could have lost, dropped, and even harm themselves. But even so he remained confident and strong, that he would be able to reach the site. Similarly, this life, despite failing in front of our eyes. With confidence we can achieve our dreams. Believe God is always with us, so there is no sense in us tiakut. Be assured that God will help us, and will put forth his hand when we fall.

Although we failed to reach it, remember that we just dropped. We can get back up and keep walking towards our dreams. ?

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