7 Aroma That Make Men Pumped

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Want to have sex with a partner, but he seemed not in the mood? Try using these scents. According to research these scents can make a man instantly excited and wanted to fuck. The study was conducted by the Smell and Taste Treatment Research Center in Chicago. The Project Director is Alan Hirsch and his colleagues, Dr. Jason Gruss found that the scent of pumpkin pie and lavender least make men desire to have sex. "So forget your perfume and try pumpkin pie," said Hirsch. 

The study further examined 24 combinations of scents fragrances and 6 in 31 respondents aged 18-64 years. Reported by the New York Daily News, the respondents in the study were then examined with a tool called plethysmograph. The tool measures the amount of blood flowing to Mr. Happy caused by their sex drive.

In using the instrument, respondents were asked to smell the man's aroma different combinations ranging from the smell of donuts and cola until the smell of lilies. According to Hirsch and Gruss, pumpkin pie and lavender scent is the most make a man's blood flowing to Mr. Happy them. At least there is an increased blood flow about 40% to Mr. Happy as he kissed the two scents.

The combination of pumpkin flavor and donuts also affects the 20% of the respondents of the study. The men in the study also enough to react when the scent of vanilla and strawberry.

Here are 7 scents Men Make Pumped 

1. Lavender and pumpkin pie

2. Donut and black liquorice

3. Pumpkin pie and donuts

4. Orange

5. Lavender and donut

6. Black liquorice and cola

7. Black liquorice

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