7 Best Drinks in the World

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Throughout the world, there are plenty of drinks that have a distinctive flavor, aroma, and a different sensation. There are many types of both non-alcoholic beverages, alcoholic soft, even drinks that have a high alcohol content. These drinks characterizes each country, and do you know what is a typical drink is considered as the best in the World. Here are 7 Best Beverage in the World.

1. Mojito, Cuba

Traditional Drinks of Cuba has developed into one of America's favorite beverages. Original concoction consisting of rum, mint leaves, carbonated water, and canned sweet juices. However, in the present racikannya been modified with the addition of fruits such as blueberries, raspberries, peaches, and pomegranates.

2. Sake, Japan and China

Sake is closely related to nobility. Beverage made from fermented rice water is often served with sushi or other Asian snacks. Sake delicious served warm or cold, usually presented in Sakazuki (flat saucer, like a sauce), ochoko (small cup), or put the masu (wooden box). Sake is also often used in traditional Japanese ceremonies.

3. Pisco Sour, Peru and Chile

Booze is the result of filtering grapes, produced in Peru and Chile. This drink is combined with brandy, syrup, lemon juice, and egg white. Usually served in a wine glass models first. In Chile, this drink is sometimes mixed with coke in its presentation.

4. Brennivin, Iceland

When you can sip a drink without a grimace, then you are more powerful than most people have ever tasted Iceland. Scandinavian liquor made from fermented potatoes mushy, and plant seeds. These drinks usually accompany two delicious dishes like nan antique rotted shark meat (decomposed shark meat and dried and then burned to dry so that the poison is gone) and hakarl (fermented shark meat).

5. Negroni, Italy

Italy is famous for its wine beverages, it is also famous for its sweet cocktail. Alcoholic beverage is a blend of vermouth (a type of white wine or slightly yellow color), gin and Campari. Usually these drinks are served with a piece of lemon or orange peel in it.

6. Caipirinha, Brazil

It is Brazil's national cocktail, a combination of Cachaca (a type of rum, made from sugarcane syrup), sugar and lime. This drink is usually served in a glass standard model used, along with pieces of orange peel and more delicious when mixed with ice cubes.

7. Sangria, Spain and Portugal

Although originating from Spain, but the drink is more popular among foreign tourists than among the native inhabitants. Sweet wine mixed with fruit mixed drink is the original recipe. Usually this drink is served in a glass of wine with citrus fruit floating on its surface.

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