7 Biggest Sin

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Many things that we do not realize that brought us paa shirk behavior, such as we believe in the things that make our mystical double gods.

For example:

we believe the objects are believed to bring happiness and strength that can protect us gods besides power, also because rank and position which we believe is the result of their own efforts 'n is not no god intervene in it ...' n many shirk lagee syrik small-we do not realize in everyday life.


It is our actions that make the heart lakuen parents are sick ato even hurt the elderly. We can take a lesson from the legend of Malin Kundang western Sumatra. menceritkan story about a young rebellious to parents that he finally turned to stone. from there we can know that prayer is the prayer of parents who answered, therefore we should respect the elderly.


Acts committed other types of couples who are not mahram. There are some things that a big deal is pregnant outside of marriage due to adultery, many of us do not understand about adultery in married couples, surely you'll wonder there was adultery on the husband and wife?

The answer is, that now we know that we hear often happens pregnant outside of marriage, and then there was the wedding as a cover dishonor to their families, many people assume after marriage all the problems to be completed, it is according to the state marriage laws are legitimate marriage, but according to religious law was not unauthorized or unlawful if it can be said to have intercourse more details, it is adultery.


Which includes illicit fortune that the proceeds of corruption, cheating, robbing etc. What is clear is that all the good luck we can in a way that is not kosher.


We have to know that basically all men are brothers but, because there is a decided friendship much animosity arose between us, which resulted in war.


Lying here are all the things we do well in a dishonest view of others or ourselves.

7. Miserly

Do not want to share with someone else when he was rich. parsimonious itself will bring on disease accumulate wealth is not satisfied despite already having a lot of possessions,

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