7 Disrupting Behaviour Women Men

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Men always crave the woman who has a good attitude. But in fact, not a few female behavior often makes him feel annoyed. As a woman, you need to know what behaviors are annoying girlfriend. This is an effort to minimize any problems that could hinder your relationship and him.

Here are 7 Disrupting Behaviour Women Men

1. Often complain

There will be no lasting involved with someone who is constantly complaining about everything, from the weather to the workings of a slow computer. But it will be very difficult to be positive if the couple always receive the onslaught of negative complaints you all night.

2. Feeling comfortable with your own body

Most women are not satisfied with their bodies. Cash only how their appearance can be a temptation for any man. And praise also seemed to be a minefield in itself.

3. Materealistis

Women who only cares about the balance mate, will not get a chance for a date next. Keep in mind this is the 21st century, where women should be able to take care of themselves and not waiting for someone who will pay the bill.

4. Mood volatility

At first you laugh with him, but the next few hours you can not understand why you change your mood on this date. Trying to say what you want and not say anything, except the lover can read your mind.

5. No other interest

Men are usually embarrassed and tired of women who just focus on relationships, not with anything else.

6. Too passive

Shall wait a handsome knight with a white horse? This is the modern age and not the time of year again ladies sit and wait for someone to come.

7. Tailor set

Although the relationship requires some compromise, but men do not like it if she always had to compromise.

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