7 European Countries in the World Famous Football

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Nowadays football is no longer a sport only, said the business is the first track taken a lot of entrepreneurs to build a Club in the sport soccer ball. In World Europe is a region that is no stranger to hear anymore. Regarding football terjangnya about football do not you ask again.

Here are 7 European Countries in the World Famous Football

1. Spain

2010 World Champion sits on top with 1456 points and also at the same top-ranking countries in the world, having won three times in the period of May and early June (Spain - China = 1-0; Spanish - South Korea = 4-1 and Spain - Serbia = 2-0).

2. German

Germany is ranked 2nd in the European continent and ranked third in the world. Points are owned 1288. They fell 1 ranking in the world compared to the previous period (number 2).

3. Netherlands

Holland sat at No. 3 for Continental Europe or 4 position worldwide. Points were collected in 1234. This position did not move from the previous period.

4. English

State of origin football was ranked sixth in the world by collecting 1145 points. The position of the world is up one level from the previous period.

5. Croatia

Croatia is at the level of the eighth to the world with 1053 points. The same position they had occupied for the past period.

6. Denmark

Denmark ranks ninth in the world or the six European with 1019 points. Up one rank from last period.

7. Portugal

Portugal ranked 10th in the world with 996 points. The country is pretty much fell compared to its position in the last period is ranked 5. The reason is the defeat of Turkey 1-3 and the series with a small country Macedonia 0-0.

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