7 Facts About Eyes

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If you're reading this article and are under 40 years old with perfect distance vision, I can say with (absolute certainty) that you will need glasses to read at some point in the future. 99% of the world population will need reading glasses at the age between 43-50 years old. This is because the eyes slowly begin to lose the ability to focus with age. When we see objects around us, our lenses change from a flat shape to a more rounded shape, and we will lose this ability when we get older. And when we were about 45 years, we will begin to see things that are farther away from us to make our eyes fixed focus lens.

1. The lens in our eyes faster than any camera lens

Just behind the pupil of the eye lens of our eyes there is a function to focus on the objects we are seeing. Try to take a minute to glance around the room and you try to think how much distance between you and objects around you. Each time we do this, we change the focus eyepiece without us knowing. Bandngkan with a camera lens that takes a few seconds for the distance of one another. Be thankful we eyepiece as fast as we can, and can keep changing all the time

2. Our eyes are fully developed at the age of 7 years

At the age of 7 years our eyes have been fully developed, and it is physiologically have the same shape with eyes of adults. It can serve as an important reason to treat lazy eye (a condition in which the visual acuity can not be optimal) before we reach this age. The earlier amblyopia is diagnosed the greater the chance for a cure, because the eyes are still developing and are subject to change in vision. After 7 years of age there is no treatment that can change eye sight

3. We Blinking Eyes Around 15,000 Times Each Day

Blinking is a semi-accidental eye function, this means that the flash is not only done automatically, but people can also be forced to blink when necessary. Eyes blink about 15,000 times a day. Blinking is an extremely important function of your eyes as it helps to remove dirt on the surface of your eye, by spreading fresh tears over them. These tears help to nourish your eyes with oxygen and also has anti-bacterial essential. You can assume a function similar to the function of flashing wiper on your car, clean up and remove everything to make you see clearly.

4. Everyone Will Experience When They're Old Cataract

People do not realize that cataracts are a normal consequence when it reaches old age and everyone will experience it at some point in their old age. You can think of cataracts with hair turned white which is a natural change with age. The average age people first get cataracts is about aged 70 years and 80 years, you are guaranteed to have cataracts! It's the same as you might not find 80-year-old man without gray hair, as well as you will not find anyone over 80 years old without cataracts.

5. Diabetes Frequently Detected First Time By Doing Eye Test

People who suffer from type 2 diabetes (the type that will develop later in the day) often experience symptom-free, which means they often do not know they have diabetes. This type of diabetes usually can be seen with the eye test, as it can be seen as a small hemorrhage from leaky blood vessels in the back of your eye. It is certainly a good reason to do a routine eye test.

6. Seeing People Using Brain, Not Eyes

The function of your eyes is to collect all the necessary information about the object you want to see. This information will then be passed from your eye to the brain via the optic nerve. It is the brain (visual cortex) where all this information is analyzed in order to allow you to 'see' objects in the shape becomes. This is not to say that your eyes do not play an important role because of course they have an important role.

7. Your eyes can adapt the blindspot (Blind Point) In Your Sight

Certain eye conditions such as glaucoma and certain health conditions such as having a stroke, can cause you to develop a blindspot in your eyesight. It can be very debilitating if not for brain and your ability to adapt to make it disappear blindspot. This is done by pressing the blindspot in the eye disorder and let the other eye is healthy to fill the void created by the eye disorder.

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