7 Group of Indonesia's most influential comedian

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Arguably, Indonesia is one country that has the population with a sense of humor. Indonesia has many kinds of comedy that is not owned by other countries, if countries in the middle east are proud Sufi humor, humor kontemporenya America and Europe with spicy humor. that Indonesia is a country proud of its diversity of humor.

Indonesia does have a repertoire of high comedy, there Betawi comedy, ketoprakan. Java-style buffoonery timura, madura comedy, and much more. There have been countless many Indonesian comedy group that already excel (excel in entertaining a lot of people). But of all the groups in Indonesia buffoonery either still exist or not exist, there are 7 Group comedian considered the most influential comedy group.

Here are 7 most influential comedian Group in Indonesia

1. Opera Van Java

As a comedy group that exists in the present, the Group has always clowning OVJ provide fresh jokes are up to date. Although the concept is primarily human puppet, but sometimes presented as a joke topics are things about the related issues is circulating at the time of broadcast. With Parto as the mastermind and Sule, Aziz stuttering, Andre, Nunung, as well as the main star puppets, clowning OVJ always gives a special color and pattern in the world of humor Indonesia.

2. Establishments Warkop

And the winners as well as number one is Warkop alias Warkop Jakarta, comedy group that originally broadcast career in radio Geronimo consists of students from University of Indonesia and Pancasila. Group consists of Dono, Kasino, Indro, Nanu, Rudy, and Mat Solar is indeed fairly successful comedy group. Their success and then began to be brought into the world of film. But it later turned out to be only 3 people who are more active in the world of film, so then the name Warkop becoming more popular by the name Warkop Trio consisting of Dono, Kasino and Indro (with nanu and Mat Solar only played in a few episodes). Comedy-comedy on television that they bring usually tell twists challenge the way students live together in intimacy in the capital. And until now, Warkop tatplah always recognized by the public as a comedy legend Indonesia.

3. Teamlo

Teamlo is a comedy group from Solo (Solo Humor Teamlo = Team) who always shows lawakanya in the form of musical humor. The group consists of Henry Bakwan (real name: Herman Yulianto, vocals), dumplings Anjasmara (Abdul Basyid, vocals), Benjovi (Giarto, vocals), Bobby Messakh (Muh. Ardhi Wibowo, guitar), Dondot Bloating (ERI Tribudiarto, bass) and Avis Sukaesih (Ibn Sina, drums) is the group that spearheaded the advance of humor to play back the music interesting and funny. But now Teamlo formation has changed along with the release of Teamlo Benjo and dumplings.

4. Djunaedi Cs

Djunaedi Cs is a comedy group consisting Djunaedi, Buwang, and crested. Djunaedi Cs always brought a model known as the comedian who often slapstick Mataram. Asked as a substitute golden era slapstick mataran Basiyo, Djunaedi cs mataram slapstick farce brings success is always accompanied by a musical style that Java pickaxe jengglengan really. Usually comedy is a game played by Javanese word or conundrum and also a pun pun dialect words and Java.

5. Kadir Doyok

Although han ya composed two people, but honestly, this comedy group could bring in a distinctive color joke. Compactness compete both in words accompanied by the Madura style and ostentatiously cool Kadir owned Doyok make this comedy group menjadio one of the most popular comedy group jamanya. in the movie, they present a lot of jokes related to the reality of people's lives at that time.

6. PMR (Introduction Drinking Poison)

Group buffoonery is almost the same as Teamlo, which always brought humor lawakanya in the form of musk. But unlike teamlo humorous rendition ever play, PMR was more referring to the lyrical song funny and witty. Comedy group that also this orchestra group consists They consist of Jhonny Iskandar (vocalist), Boedi Padukone (guitar), Yuri Mahippal (mandolin + choke), Imma Maranaan (bass), Ajie Cetti Bahadur Shah (percussion), Harri "Muke Chalk" (mini drum) is touted as a pioneer of the music genre of humor Indonesia besides PSP (Beam Rays Patromak).

7. Srimulat

Srimulat is the comedy Indonesia which was founded by Teguh Rahardjo Slamet in Solo in 1950, only this group began to skyrocket after appearing to bring humor intellectual humor and the latest in the 80's to the 90's (at first, the genre even more leads Srimulat slapstick Mataram). Personnel Srimulat sebanarnya very much, if calculated from the beginning until now, has recorded some 50's members, personnel is widely known by the public is Mamiek, tarzan, Nunung, sir Bendot, gogon, hammer, Tessy, Typhoon Arise, and steadfast. Srimulat popularity began to decline in the late 90's were accompanied by a number of personnel who prefer to Srimulat Solo career.

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