7 Most Beautiful Islamic Aphorisms

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Islamic quotes for air care how good we apply this in our life can bring and remind us of the greatness of Allah SWT. Truly the most beautiful words are verses of the Koran. And the most beautiful words is to read the Koran. Here are 7 Most Beautiful Islamic Aphorisms.

1. Aphorisms Islam

Eliminate the nature of envy in us will help us towards success both in this world and the hereafter. With discipline not only do we not get the sanction, but with the discipline we will achieve success, spared (insha Allah) from the accident, and the discipline also is worship.

2. Aphorisms Islam

The plan is a bridge to a dream, if not a plan means it has no foothold step towards what you aspire. Decide what we want, then write a plan, then we will find life much easier than before.

3. Aphorisms Islam

We just need a simple plan and keep it simple, which is important we consistently run. Two things we need to know before starting a business, first know that the business was not easy, We both Arm yourself with the attitude and skills. But rest assured that we can.

4. Aphorisms Islam

Let us not be complacent aphorisms to meet worldly wealth is only temporary, until we forget our real task in this world is to collect supplies to reach the eternal abode of the Hereafter. So we both Enrich yourself with the material and the spiritual, and share the wealth of the people that is around Us, especially the more needy.

5. Aphorisms Islam

If God is the goal, why should you be defeated by the obstacles in the presence of God? If you make a living is worship, the hard work we, God willing, the greater the reward that will be given by God. If earned income is provision for worship, the more income they get, the more worship can be done.

6. Aphorisms Islam

The greatest love and true love for those who believe the love of God. So the love of God who should be the greatest motivator and unlimited. The success we've experienced in the past will help to motivate We are in the days to come.

7. Aphorisms Islam

I watched all friends, and did not find a better friend than keeping the tongue. I thought about all the clothes, but did not find a better dress than piety. I'm contemplating about any kind of good deed, but does not get better than giving good advice. I'm looking for any form of sustenance, but did not find a better sustenance than patience.

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