7 Most Tragic Death While Filming Movie

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1. The Flight of the Phoenix

Victim: Paul Mantz

In film production, 1965, Paul Mantz did not use stunt to fly native to yield maximum film, but he malakukan error during take-off maneuvers

2. Jumper

Victim: David Ritchie

To manufacture one scene set in Samuel Jackson, using bahan2 mixture of sand, earth and ice .. David Ritchie hit the production crew and ground pasirbeku want to unloading at one of the outdoor set, where the weather when it was again dingin2nya.

3. X * X

Victims: Harry L Oconnor

one stunt Van Diesel for parasailing, but unfortunate because the bridge was hit.

4. The Final Season

Victim: Roland Schlotzhauer

Famous cameraman who always take quality pictures of the helicopter, the fateful month of October 2007, helicopters that were used for the take pic in this film dropped.

5. Troy

Victim: George Camilleri

Stuntman of Brad Pitt broke his leg at the time of the scene, and beyond help when it was brought to the hospital krn blood clots in the wound.

6. The Crow

Victim: Brandon Lee (son of Bruce Lee)

As at March 31, 1993 in North Carolina studios, Wilmington NC. In the remaining 8 days for the completion of the film they will be, there is a set in which Lee (Eric Draven) witnessed her fiancé would be raped by Michael Masse .. Michal masse in the set was shot Eric Draven and turns his gun loaded with real bullet.

7. Enter the Dragon

Victim: Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee died not because of swelling of the brain, but DEPRECIATION BRAIN. Because at the time of autopsy brain shrinking 100cc is found, the cause of his death sentence because of fatigue. The Martial Artist found is that these that push the body beyond its limits, for example this: let your Fitness and lifting weights, at some point you will feel stronger sangat2 ??not to perform reps / force but you are forced to take your body and your head shaking, nah that this is not a good thing. Bruce Lee did this every day and almost every time when he was not working so she sports.

And to his death rather that after he finished his fight scene syutting For GAME OF DEATH movie who is the last film. Not ENTER THE DRAGON!!! Here sampai2 rekan2 Bruce said never again use the word DEATH on judul2 Warner Bros. movie.

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