7 People First Embrace Islam

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Jaumalah uamat Islam in the world is estimated to have reached 1:57 Billion Soul but do you know who the first person who embraced Islam in the world. Well here are 7 people who first memeeluk Mauhamad Islam after the Prophet SAW who they consider the following.

1. Khadijah bint Khawalid

Khadijah coming from the magnifying Mecca. Married to the Prophet Muhammad, when he was 40 years old, when the Prophet Muhammad was 25 years old. Some said his age was not until 40 years old, just a little older than the Prophet Muhammad. Khadijah was a rich and famous woman.

2. Zaid bin Haritha

Zaid bin Haritha came from tribes that inhabited Kalb north Arabian peninsula. In his childhood, he was arrested by a group of criminals who then sold him as a slave. Then it was bought by Hisham bin Hukaim nephew of Khadijah. By Khadija, it was given to the Prophet Muhammad, who then frees Zaid bin Haritha. He was one of the first to embrace Islam.

3. Ali ibn Abi Talib

Ali ibn Abi Talib was one of the first Muslims and also the family of the Prophet Muhammad. According to Sunni Islam, he was the last Caliph of the first four caliphs. While Shi'a argue that he was the first Caliph Imam once chosen by the Prophet Muhammad SAW. Interestingly though the Sunnis do not recognize the concept of Imamate they agreed to call Ali as the Imam, thus Ali became the only Khalifahyang as well as Imam. Ali was the cousin of Muhammad, and after marriage to Fatimah az-Zahra, he was a son of Muhammad.

4. Abu Bakr as-Siddiq

Abu Bakr was among the earliest to Islam. After the Prophet Muhammad's death, Abu Bakr became the first Muslim caliph in 632 until 634 AD Born with the name of Abdullah ibn Abi Quhafah, he was one of the four caliphs who was given the title or the first four caliphs caliph given instructions.

Abu Bakr Shidiq full name is' Abd Allah ibn 'Uthman ibn Amir bi Amru bin Ka'b ibn Sa'd ibn Murrah ibn Ka'b ibn Taim bin Ghalib bin Fihr Lu'ay bin al-Quraishi at-Tamimi'. Nasabnya met with his grandfather Prophet Muhammad ibn Ka'b ibn Murrah Lu'ai. And the mother of ash Bakr was Umm al-Khair Salma bint Ka'b bin Shakhr bin Amir bin Sa'd ibn Taim meaning father and mother were both of the tribe of the children Taim.

5. Bilal bin Rabah

Bilal bin Rabah was a black slave from Habsyah (now Ethiopia) who converted to Islam when he was enslaved. Once the employer knew that Bilal embraced Islam, then Bilal was tortured continuously every day to return it so as not to embrace Islam. But Bilal did not want to return to their disbelief and kept chanting "Allahu Ahad, Allahu ahad ...".

6. Um Ayman

Barkah bint Tsa'labah / Ayman Al-Baraqa She is a mother suckling One of the companions of Muhammad and the prophets. His full name is Barkah Tsa'labah bint ibn 'Amr ibn Salamah ibn Hishn bin Malik ibn' Amr ibn Nu'man from Abyssinia (now Ethiopia).

Umm Ayman was a slave that was inherited by his father Muhammad, Abdullah bin Abdul Muttalib. Um Ayman Muhammad nurture to maturity. He was freed after Muhammad married Khadijah bint Khuwailid, then married to 'Ubayd al-Harith bin Khazraj tribe. From his marriage with 'Ubaid, born Aiman. Aiman joined hijra and jihad with Muhammad and died as a martyr in the battle of Hunain.

7. Hamza bin Abdul-Muttalib

Hamza bin Abdul-Muttalib is a friend and an uncle and brother sepersusuan Prophet Muhammad. He has the nickname "Lion of God" because of his heroic while defending Islam. Hamzah was born estimated almost simultaneously with Muhammad. He is the son of Abdul-Muttalib and Haulah binti Bani Wuhaib of Venus. Historically, marriage Abdul-Muttalib and Abdullah bin Abdul-Muttalib happened at the same time, and the mother of the Prophet, Aminah bint Wahab, were cousins of Haulah bint Wuhaib.

Hamza Bin Abdul Mutholib is one who has a sharp mind and a strong conviction that he was among the Quraish leader in segani. The actual name Hamzah bin Abdul Muttalib bin Hashim, the Prophet's uncle and brother sepersusuannya. He embraced Islam in the second year of Prophethood, he Participate Hijrah with the Prophet sallallaahu alaihi yours respectfully and participated in the battle of Badr, and died at the battle of Uhud, the Prophet called him a "Asadullah" (Lion of God) and renamed it as "Sayidus Martyrs".

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