7 Powerful Ways to Stop Smoking

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Smoking may be very familiar name our ears, a small but very great harm to our health. Besides smoking is harmful to health can also make a dry bag, quitting smoking is very difficult especially an already heavy smokers. But many paths to roma, to quit smoking Here are 7 Powerful Ways to Stop Smoking.

1. The first thing you should do is bear in mind that your intention really want to stop smoking, because without any intention of where you might be able to quit smoking, and this intention must be accompanied by efforts to make such were really quit smoking.

2. Eliminate the habit of carrying lighters and replace it with the candy, if you normally do not go anywhere apart from matches, from now on try not to take it, because without a match you would not be able to light up.

3. Reduce the number of cigarettes you suction, for people who are smokers beratberhenti secar a straight is very heavy, the solution is that by gradually reducing the number of cigarettes smoked, for example, usually if one day you can spend as much as 18 cigarette sticks, then try one day out 17 sticks, 16 sticks a day the next day, 15 cigarettes a day after it went until one day you can smoke just one cigarette. And the next day you could really do not suck anymore.

4. Make friends with people who do not smoke, because friends with people who do not smoke would shame us if we wanted to smoke cigarettes.

5. Choose a wife who is allergic to cigarette smoke and smell, so if you want to smoke cigarettes will be warned or banned that.

6. Begin fun exercise, because exercise your body will be more healthy, and also makes you more aware that health is very important for you, exercise can reduce the time you spend on smoking cigarettes.

7. If you Smokers weight and can not stop, then the advice from me personally is to give smoking a breeze oil. dijaminn, discarded cigarettes ..,.

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