7 Signs paired couples

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Mate is already set by Allah the Almighty. But how do we know he was destined for us? God bestows human ears to hear, eyes to see and the aka to think. So use the best for revealing secrets of the doomed love. Two people who think they can live together and have a bond was joined together definitely emotional, spiritual and physical between them. Once together, each able to taste the sweetness of love and mutual need for each other. Here's 7 Signs If he is conjugate We.

1. Unpretentious

Our lover is being unpretentious and not acting. Consider the way he dressed, the way a conversation, how to laugh and how to eat and drink. Is it spontaneous and unregulated or look weird. If it seems less comfortable with his style, he is acting lawfully. Sometimes, we can detect that he is acting. But, when he appeared natural and not artificial, then he is the right candidate our lives. If not, he may not be our mate.

2. Thank fun together and we as-is

Although we are always with him, not the slightest feeling bored, tired or depressed in ourselves. Becoming more and more dear to him. We always calm, happy and he became our sorrow catharsis. He was also affected. Feeling ecstatic when together. When far away, feeling a bit of pressure and feel to meet. No matter the day or night, his absence feels a little lost.

Whatever his past that we have done that, he did not even care. Maybe he knew separation with ex-lover before us a start. He also would not mind who we are before. What is important, who we are now. Although he knows that we never had a boyfriend before, she did not take the liver directly. All he knew, we were hers now. He was also willing to share the story of his past. No need to keep a secret when he is ready to be our life partner.

3. Always be honest and Mutual Trust

He does not care what we do as long as religion does not violate those same laws. Exhibited honesty impress us. Honesty is not a matter that can be played. We can suspect something when he lied to us. As long as enthroned in his honesty, happiness become ours. When apart, honesty the most important factor for a relationship. When he was not honest, hard for him to avoid unfaithful to us. When he was honest, getting warm again our love affair. Honesty, punctuated with true devotion to bear romance. So, he is the best choice.

Every person has his own secrets. Sometimes secrets need to be shared in order to reduce the burden. When we have a secret and want to tell the lover, our secret is safe in his hands? For those who are paired, the nature of trust between each other arising from within their conscience. They feel safe when telling secrets to his lover from the other buddies. Another, we are not secretive anything to him and we sure our secret safe. Evidence of true love is through trust and honesty. Bahagialah individuals who obtain both.

4. Nice to Cooperate

For those of us who want to succeed and remain a love affair in a long time, we and he must work together through this life. We need to cooperate and lover do a thing either trivial or difficult. All work performed must be sincere to help couples and ease their work. The most important thing, we and he can go through all this to do it together. We and he also can do it all without the need for other people and we're doing it together. This is important because it affects our lives in the future. If there is no cooperation, it is difficult for us to live with it. This is because, we who bear the burden of responsibility of one hundred percent. Is not this trouble?

5. Understand ourselves

For couples be married, he must understand yourself mate. When we are sick he brought to the clinic. When we are grieving, he became an entertainer. When we get into trouble, he became an assistant. At a time when we're nagging, he becomes the listener. He is always with us in any situation. No matter we are happy or grieving, he was always there for us. He is also willing to experience ups and downs in love. They say, "self-lagikan bitten tongue", much less a husband and wife '. This maxim is also suitable for lovers. When he is always with us through this life in times of joy and sorrow, good and bad at the moment, he is the ideal candidate to be our life partner.

6. Show weakness

No one is perfect in this world. Tipulah if any person claims he is the perfect man from all sides. Definitely among us has certain drawbacks and disadvantages. For he who is willing to be our life partner, she is keeping a secret weaknesses and ready to tell us. Of course it is hard to tell and to recognize the flaws in front of her lover. In fact, he is not shy about displaying the disadvantages to us. For example, when he woke up sick and did not shower or two days, he did not stop us from our melawatnya.Apabila and mutually accept her weaknesses and vices of their own, we are destined to live with it.

7. Istikharah prayers and Tawakkal

Dating and meeting all in the hands of God. Humans only planner in the world stage and the script written by the One True God. Sometimes, in the role of an actor, he is guided through a dream or intuition. Dream toy was asleep, but when we do istikharah prayer and prayed for God to give guidance, insha Allah has guided us with his permission. If he is our choices, make decisions properly. If not, please reject him well. Everything we do is for their happiness in the world. Having it all worked out, trust in Him and continue to pray. Remember, grace in this world is only temporary. Blessings in the afterlife is forever.

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