7 Speech Makes Upset

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Resentment is not only caused by one's attitude to us that makes us high blood pressure is rising and cultivate emotions that are boiling, but Mad and emotions can also be present and embedded in our emotional space dikarenaka words very annoying. What is the word?

Here are 7 Speech Makes Upset

1. Stupid

Stupid, yes .. it is a word that is often spoken when people assume someone who insulted or ridiculed as a fool, can not, fast, slow, and so on.

When we hear the word and the word is directed at us, our emotions will spontaneously rise and boiling temperature reaches 100 degrees. And if we can not control our emotions, surely there will be argument.

2. AH

The word "AH" is a detailed discussion that has been described in the Qur'an regarding the resistance of a child to a parent. Obviously these words will make the emotional pain plus parents when they heard her say AH.

Usually said AH was always drawn to the unwillingness of a person to do something he was told.

3. You Who

"You Who Apparently" is fixed on a person's speech in which he considers the most severe when compared with others. Acknowledgements This will make the person receiving the greeting will be hurt and angry of course.

4. What Sih!

Never do not you admonish your friend who is engrossed in watching television, or reading a book called? Then you came toward him and wanted to say something to him in the hope no reply, but!! The reply you receive is by saying what Sih! In an angry tone and can not be bothered. Obviously you'll Hurt and Boiling Emotions might you.

5. Why Apparently!

Speech is directed to the person who was giving the news to him in the hope the news is received and approved, but it turns out the person did not even care even did not believe the news was delivered to him.

6. Tasty times

Well ..! This speech is actually an element of envy, Arrogant and stingy. If we ever ask for or borrow something from a friend or someone else, then said "It's good time" with the intention of not giving anything to us. Speech is not only made the hurt and angry, but can lead to a sense of revenge.

7. Ooohooo!

Speech is addressed to people who make mistakes. Two Tribes word is always present in human speech, though lightweight and looks trivial, but those who hear these words and addressed to him, it would hurt.

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