7 Things That Could Not Be Purchased with the Money

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We often talk about money, how to get more money, how to manage expenses, how much you save, and invest where. We are busy planning, thinking, and worrying about the money we have, so it seems money is the most important thing in the world. Money is important in life. Without a means of exchange, we will not be able to make ends meet. Money allows us to do many things than if we do not have it. But, as important-the importance of money, no matter how much purse money, there are things that can not be bought by them.

Here are 7 Things That Could Not Be Purchased with the Money

1. Lost time

Money will not bring back the time that has elapsed. After a day of change, the next 24 hours will be lost and will never return. Because of that, use every opportunity to express concern and love your loved ones, before time passes.

2. Happiness

It sounds cliche, money can not buy happiness. But here's the reality. Money can make you feel happy because they can pay for vacation, buy the latest electronics, or the fastest car. But a pile of money will never be able to bring real happiness comes from within our hearts. This kind of happiness only comes from a happy relationship and the support and love of family.

3. Children's Happiness

To provide adequate food and clothing for baby, it takes money. But money can not give you a sense of security, responsibility, attitude, and skill in children. It is the fruit of the time and attention you devote to them and the good things you have taught them. Money does help us fulfill some aspects of parenting, but time has proven that the basic needs of each child is given how much time parents, not the money.

4. Love

It's one thing more cliché, love can not be bought with money, but admit it was true. With the money we can get people interested, but love comes from mutual respect, caring, sharing experiences, and opportunities to grow together. That's why many couples who marry for money, did not last long.

5. Health

We need money to finance the cost of care and medicine, but money can not replace the lost health. That's why the phrase goes better to prevent than cure should we pursue. Start exercising, stop smoking, and many other things that would have you know.

6. Talent

We are born with certain talents. With the money, we could do is to hone talents, such as learning music. However, experts say, to become experts in their fields, we need talent.

7. Peacefulness

If money could buy peace, perhaps we no longer hear the word war. Precisely the opposite is often the case, money that a source of conflict and hostility.

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