7 Tips Brushing Teeth

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Brushing teeth is not the same as brushing WC. gosroook ... gosroook .. his strength, despite the dirty mouth is more squalid than the WC. Because the mouth is a zoo of bacteria. Here are 7 Tips Brushing Teeth

1. Select the brush bristles are not too rough or smooth, so "the mediocre" says Evy tralala.

2. Position the brush 45 degrees against the gums

3. Movement brush from the gums down for Upper jaw teeth

4. Movement brush from the gums to the teeth on the lower jaw to

5. Brush the entire surface facing the lips and cheeks as well as inner and outer surface of the teeth that way.

6. Brush the chewing surfaces of the back teeth forward.

7. Beware and Slow-Slow

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