7 Ways to Overcome and Eliminate Acne

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Acne is a common problem in teens, although older age is also sometimes experiencing. Acne can reduce a person's level of self-confidence. The cause of acne is not so clear, but hormonal changes during adolescence and stress has been blamed as the cause.

Here are 7 Ways to Overcome and Eliminate Acne

1. Wash your face at least twice a day in the morning and before bed.

Wash more often in summers to prevent oils accumulate on the face. It is advisable to wash your face with warm water before applying soap because warm water opens the pores in skin allowing deep penetration of soap on the skin. Do not use body soap on your face because it can clog pores causing acne. After using soap, face should be rinsed with cold water to close the pores close.

2. Facial Toning. Most people forget to give toning the face. Toning is important to clean the rest of facial cleansers.

3. Give moisturizer on the face. People with oily skin should use oil-free moisturizer. Meanwhile, people who have dry skin should use cream with extra moisturizer.

4. Expand eat fresh fruits, as well as vitamin supplements, chromium, and zinc (zinc) if needed.

5. Avoid wearing heavy makeup, especially in adolescents. Select the make-up based / berpelarut water, instead of oil berpelarut.

6. Drink at least 10 glasses of water a day. Water is the best cleanser as it helps remove toxins from the body.

7. Do not use petroleum products such as hair oil or hair spray on your hair. When the hair on the face, the oil will come and transferred to the face can cause acne.

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