7 The World's Safest Storage

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To save something that is very important, of course, we will keep any in a safe place and have strict protection. For office data files, usually stored in the office safe. But what if the data file or something that other state data is very important, where we can keep any?.

Here are 7 of Storage Safest in the World based on the coordinates of the location, as well as the accompanying security forces.

1. London Tower

This place is an ancient building located in the UK, Formerly, this building is the residence of the British royal family before moving to Buckingham palace. Inside the building are preserved many relics of the English royal heirloom, such as a golden crown St. Edward, the crown Kohinoor "belongs to Queen Elisabeth with diamond weighing 109 carats and the scepter of the" Star of Africa ", the largest diamond hone in Duni, everything is stored in secret underground buildings covered with steel plates. Coupled with a super-tight security of the British Empire troops who are always ready to guard this place.

2. Sealand

The building is actually a former bastion of British air forces in the world war. It was located 10 miles off the coast of Suffolk England. Sealand is a special area which is headed by a king, and some even mentioned that sealand is the smallest country in the world. The remoteness of the settlement plus the security of British troops (sealand lies in the area of maritime territory of the UK) make this location a very safe storage. Even well-known data storage company Data simpananya Haven Co entrust at this place.

3. Granite Bunker

Granite bunker is a bunker storage located in Salt Lake City, the state of Utah United States. Bunker is used as a storage area population data by the U.S. government. This bunker is a bunker arguably the safest, karne lies 200 meters below the granite mountain, and again the door is metal weighing 12 tons, so it is impossible to be able to steal data in place.

4. Norad Central.

Norad central defense system the United States Air Force. This defense system such as caves of 18,000 m2, depth 600 m below the big rock. The largest room measuring 14 x 180 m with a height of 18 m with 2 metal gate weighing 25 tons as the entrance. There are still another 15 underground buildings, some story-3. The buildings in the 1319 NORAD is protected by steel plates, each weighing 450 pounds. And are less likely to enter the intruder.

5. Bold Lane Parksafe

This is the most secure car storage places in the world, if you want the safest car, come to the bold parksafe lane. Bold is not a parking lane Parksafe ordinary, but extraordinary. Because on each side of the room there must be hundreds of surveillance cameras, together with hundreds of motion sensors are very sensitive. Bagitu there is little sign of a suspicious, then the security officer Bold lane Parksafe already trained will immediately check on.

6. Fort Knox

Fort Knol is a repository of gold bullion United States located military region of Kentucky, USA, and guarded by hundreds of soldiers. Is stored in the shed thousands of gold bullion and precious documents, one of which is a manuscript copy of the original charter magna Charta. Warehouse is equipped with a very tight security system, entry doors are steel weighing 2o tons, while the main door of the warehouse is equipped with a safety system combinations of numbers where only a few people know about it.

7. Air Force One

Air Force one is the United States presidential aircraft. aircraft types Boeing 747-200B is equipped with various security facilities superb, ranging from sensory tracking device, soundproof communications equipment, tools neutralizing electromagnetic waves, as well as a highly sophisticated security system itself 9tahu the United States). This aircraft can be refueled in the air, so it can hover for a full week.

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