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Healthy way of life, so that we become a healthy course, we must be part of a healthy, eat well, drink - drink healthy and do not forget to wear clothes that healthy. The environment in which we live greatly affect our health because of the polluted environment easily spread the seeds - seeds of diseases that harm our health. So is the food and drinks are directly related to the organs in our bodies, when our bodies intruding material - material adverse certainly organ in our body can not work properly so sick.

Clothing is also an object is directly related to our bodies, when we are wearing clothes that are not clean will surely become a breeding germs will spread the disease. habit of wearing clean clothes is a healthy way of life that starts from ourselves.

Here are some very important things that a healthy lifestyle to keep our bodies healthy and protected from various kinds of diseases diseases:

1. Keep environment clean and avoid actions that could cause environmental pollution and stay away from their contaminated environment because it will harm health.
2. Shower at least 2 times a day, this will keep the freshness of the body and at least a way to eliminate body odor should be done routinely.
3. Avoid smoking and avoid secondhand smoke
4. consumption of 4 healthy 5 perfect to get a balanced diet as the human body needs.
5. Reduce consumption of foods with high fat content.
6. Avoid foods made from preservatives, colorings and flavorings are redundant because in the long run will lead to the risk of diseases such as cancer and others - others.
7. Avoid drinking - alcoholic beverages or drinks with sugar and caffeine high, multiply drinking water at least 8 glasses per day.
8. Keep the clothes we wear are always clean and immediately replace if dirty, of course, with regular bath every day.
9. Avoid stress and stay calm in the face of every problem.
10. Regular exercise will make the organs - organs functioning properly.
11. Eat regularly and maintain a balance between activity and rest.

Below are the elements - elements of 4 healthy 5 perfect which is the standard for a nutritionally balanced diet:

1) Basic Food. Serves as the primary food source of energy for the body to be able malakukan daily activities. Examples such as rice, corn, oats, potatoes, wheat / wheat flour, and other tubers.
2) Side-Pauk. Side dishes on food has a function to meet the needs of builder substances in the body. For example, the tempeh, tofu, eggs, meat, fish, and others.
3) Vegetable. Vegetables on food has a function to meet the needs of regulating substances in the body. Example: Watercress, spinach, eggplant, tomatoes, peppers, beans, cabbage squashed, squash, and so forth.
4) Fruit - fruit. Similar to vegetables, fruits in the diet has a function to meet the needs of regulating substances in the body. For example the apple, mangosteen, passion fruit, persimmon, salak, durian, and so forth.
5) Milk. Merupakani complementary where there is no obligation or compulsion us to consume or drink. But there is no harm if we drink milk after eating, because it contains a variety of substances that are useful and good for our bodies.

The above article is a collection of tips - simple tips that can at least give you an idea of ​​the importance of maintaining hygiene is an important factor in a healthy lifestyle.

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