Aircraft History

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Aircraft History
Aircraft heavier than air was first flown by the Wright Brothers (Orville Wright and Wilbur Wright) using its own aircraft design called the Flyer, which was launched in 1903 in the United States. In addition to the Wright brothers, there were several other aircraft inventor who invented airplanes include Samuel F Cody who perform the action on the field Fanborough, England in 1910. As for the aircraft that is lighter than air flight was much earlier.

First flight using a hot air balloon found a French berkebangsaaan named Joseph Montgolfier Montgolfier and Etiene occurred in 1782, then refined a German named Ferdinand von Zeppelin by modifying the cigar-shaped balloon that is used to carry passengers and goods in 1900. In the following year balloon Zeppelin mengusai air freight to ship disaster Zeppelin on trans-Atlantic trip in New Jersey 1936 which marked the end of an era Zeppelin though still used before World War II. After Wright era, many aircraft are modified both designs, shapes and aircraft engines to meet the air transportation needs.

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