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All citizens of Indonesia must have been really know what it Pocong. Pocong is a kind of ghost endemic of Indonesia's body in a blanket with a white cloth tied in some parts of the body. Faces of Pocong-pocong this variety, there is a jet black face, falling apart, many wounds on her face, pale white with dark eye circles like a panda, and some scary face conditions. Pocong is a genie that camouflaged as a form of human corpses buried condition.

Lately ghost Pocong often show up in many parts of Indonesia. Pocong usually appears around the cemetery, around the banana trees, and in areas that are still a lot of trees. The distinctive feature of her body covered pocong apart and bound by a white cloth, he also moves by jumping. Pocong Usually this includes a good ghost type and not the kind of ghost that nosy but many of us were immediately scared when he saw it.

For those of you who coincidentally met with the Ghost pocong, then step to avoid it we will give according to the experiences of the existing resource. Here are 7 Ways potent Facing Pocong Version 7Top Ranking

1. Always Bringing Yourself to God

Although creepy demon or genie is a creature of God Almighty. So if we want to avoid pocong pocong or bold face, is bring yourself to worship God with one another. Surely God will always protect you

2. Get used to memorize Prayers in Quran

God created the book with a lot of benefits that are very useful for us, one of them to avoid the temptation of Satan. Therefore, we should be able to memorize prayers or verses in Al Quran even though only a few. And memorized prayers or verses relating to repel supernatural beings including pocong.

3. Suppose Pocong That Bolsters

When you meet or see pocong, we should immediately bolster him as a cute and adorable. Because the shape is similar to pocong around, so we better think of it as a soft roll and not scary. Hopefully the fear that we would have lost, or the growing fear, .. he .. he

4. Bring Matches or fire

Because of the flammable fabric covered, pocong must be very scared if someone wants to burn. Moreover, his hands and feet were tied so she can not let go of the fabric when burned. Therefore, we spend as much as possible when meeting pocong matches.

5. Calm the Mind

When meeting with the devil, surely we would be very surprised and seemed to be a weak body could not move. At this time, reassure yourself by reading a prayer. Calm mind helps us to be able to face anything.

6. Think Pocong More Low

As said in many verses of Al Quran that man is a creature that has a higher degree than other creatures, including higher than jin. Therefore, when you meet any ghosts pocong or arrogant because we have our degrees higher. We fear the same period a rank lower than us.

7. Running or use Jutsu Thousand Steps

Tips and how this is a very powerful if you are Looking Pocong. Yeah .. how else would if we had feared. The only way is to pull out the Kick Kick Super Power aka lariiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Thousand Steps.

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