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Fadel capital in trying is Hakk ul confident, strong convictions. The challenge is not the bottleneck, when faced with tough and diligent, and hard work, no problem. There is always problem solving. One of the most disliked Fadel is, when there was not going to try to find a way out of the problems it faces problems faced by themselves or together. "Allah will not change the fate of a person if the person himself does not attempt to change it," (Fadel Muhammad).

Fadel always figure if others can why can not we. He did have a temper always want to move forward. For example, when Bukaka making asphalt sprayer machine (asphalt spray). Experiments in the workshop Bukaka it always fails. The results that came out of the machine is mush, not asphalt. Fadel curious. Machine Working days were dismantled. Then discovered that the magnetic component and not the bike path. Once the component is replaced, good results. For Fadel et al, as long as it can be tried is not no turning back.

Fadel principled "wa Jadda Jadda Man" who is trying to be successful at last. But all that is finite. When all else has been tried, still stuck too, what may make, do not be disappointed, Tawakal to God, said Fadel who perform Hajj in 1989.

The success of a person according to Fadel, besides hard work and continuous, highly dependent on, first, oneself. Second, the opportunity to develop themselves. When, strategies to achieve success. According to Fadel, everyone has the potential to become entrepreneurs. The important thing, as long as you try really hone that potential. But not everyone has the potential, the opportunity to develop their potential. To get this opportunity, the right strategy is clearly needed. Strategy is what will determine whether someone will be a 'risk taker' (risk takers), or 'risk orderer' (regulatory risk).

The sharp contrast between the two types of entrepreneurs is: A risk - takers tend to speculate. Without taking into account carefully, he tried every kemungkingan. A risk-orderer will consider risk even the smallest, to the plans. In accordance with the basic principles of economics.

According to Fadel person's success depends on his will is strong, confidence is high, and the ability to calculate risk. Willpower will encourage perseverance to strive. It affects and is affected by four things: First, parents, especially mothers as early educators. Secondly, education, both formal and religious education. Third, the environment, and good luck on the reading opportunity, the Fourth Confidence Fadel, influenced by the given opportunities to advance, thus realizing the true potential. While the ability to calculate risk is influenced by:

a. A high level of patience, effort
b. Deep reflection, so that the idea can be crystallized in the mind. Do not get bosanlah.
The terms above are the mental preparation of a budding entrepreneur to reach maturity. For that there should be three phases, namely through:

1. Phase New Venture (early) - the level of invention ideas and implementation of the idea itself.
2. Phase Puberty - The search for identity mampan business
3. Phase Mature (propesional) - It's mature and able to be profitable.

Levels must be passed in order. It should not be jumping up and down. Its main philosophy is: "Do not enlarge the business, before the foundation of the business - the backbone of the company - is strengthened. So do not be surprised if the factory Bukaka hitherto unseen flashy. Because the emphasis is the power plant itself, well-equipped equipment and human resources, "said Fadel. Now, Fadel has achieved success. He was able to support his mother and siblings after his father died in 1988. he already has a prosperous family. Moreover he aspire? "I want to hire more people. Want to share this success with others. Besides, I want to be "Today is better than yesterday" today is better than yesterday, "he said.

Fadel did have value in the eyes of our nation. With a capital of a strong sense of confidence plus the spirit of hard Yanga, Fadel became one of Indonesia's son to become the pride of the nation.

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