Definition of Asthma

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1. definition of Asthma

Asthma is a chronic inflammation of the bronchial tubes (airways) that causes swelling and narrowing (constriction) of the airways. The result is difficulty breathing. Reversible bronchial constriction generally either totally or at least partially with treatments.

Bronchial tubes that chronic beradang may be very sensitive to allergens (specific triggers) or pengganggu-pengganggu/irritants (nonspecific triggers). Channels can be "nervous" and living in a state of sensitivity (sensitivity) is high. It's called "Bronchial Hyperreactivity" (BHR). Chances are there is a spectrum of hyper reactivity in all brochial individuals. However, it is clear that individuals who suffer from asthma and allergies (without asthma seen) have a greater degree of bronchial hiperkereaktifan of the people who are not people with asthma and allergies. In individuals who are sensitive (sensitive), the bronchial tubes are more likely to swell and constrict when diskspose on triggers such as allergens (allergy causes), tobacco smoke, or exercise. Among the asthmatics, some may have mild BHR and no symptoms while others may have severe BHR and chronic symptoms.

Asthma affects people differently. Each individual is unique in the degree of reactivity to environmental triggers. This naturally influences the type and dose of medication prescribed, which may vary from one individual to another.

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