Definition of chemical compounds

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The chemical compound is a pure chemical substance consisting of two or more elements that can be further broken down into its constituent elements by chemical reactions. For example, dihydrogen monoxide (water, H2O) is a compound composed of two hydrogen atoms for every oxygen atom.

Generally, this ratio should remain as physical property, not the comparison made by human beings. Therefore, materials such as brass, YBCO superconductors, semiconductors "aluminum gallium arsenide", or chocolate are considered mixtures or alloys, not compounds.

The characteristics of a compound is a chemical formula. The chemical formula gives the atomic ratio in the substance, and the number of atoms in a single molecule (hence the chemical formula of ethene is C2H4 and is not CH2. Formula does not indicate whether the compound is composed of molecules; example, sodium chloride (table salt, NaCl is an ionic compound .

The compound can form in several phases. Most compounds can be solids. Molecular compounds can also be a liquid or a gas. All compounds will break down into smaller compounds or individual atoms when heated to a certain temperature (called the decomposition temperature). Any chemical compound that has been described in the literature have a unique identification number, the CAS number.

type of compound

• acid
• base
• ionic compounds
• salt
• oxide
• organic compounds

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