Easy Tips to Prevent Brittle Bones

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The more we age, the bone was increasingly requires proper nutrition. Maintaining bone health that are not easily porous is very important, considering the bone serves as the support body and the attachment of flesh and muscle. Additionally any bones posture. You do not want it quickly stooped but still young. Ok, here we go easy tips to prevent bone loss

1. Must diligently exercise, let the body stay healthy exercise is helping to train the bones and muscles that you do not get tired and jaded than that exercise also helps the absorption of nutrients so that the body becomes healthier and digestion was smooth.

2. Drinking milk berkalium, Alhamdulillah now milk calcium levels many choices. Staying we adjust our age. Because of the excess calcium is not good for the bones. Choose a pas-pas just me, not less not too excessive.

3. Do not be lazy activity. If you stay silent or just sit at home all day will be less good for you. So try to keep the main daily activities on foot. By walking will train the bones and increases blood flow to the brain.

4. Fix the position of sleeping and sitting, while sleeping should not sleep on your back also has an important factor for bone health and more. When the seat was try not to slouch and sit upright. Sitting with the right position to help avoid fatigue and better eyesight.

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