Fairytale Stone Child of the King

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Once upon a time, there was a king in the land of Middle of Nowhere are very kind. People loved the king, but the king also know there are good people some are evil. The king realized on this earth that are always different. But King wants the people to have a conscience to love each other love each other. King wants to know who actually has a noble heart. Every day the King was always surrounded by people who faced sweet, but not necessarily good heart.

King then went to the road leading to the castle and put a large stone in the middle of the road. King off to the side of the road and lurking behind leafy trees.

Soon a group of traders seem wealthy, they casually walk circling the stone without saying a word toward the entrance to the palace.

Then came more and more people with a variety of jobs. Most of them cursing stone, and even scolded the King for not clearing the road to the palace. But none of those who want to remove the stone.

Shortly thereafter came artisan vegetable palace. He stopped to put a basket of vegetables on the roadside. King noticed artisan vegetables carefully.

"What would he do?", Said King in the liver. Apparently artisan vegetable forcefully tried to push the rock to the edge of the street. Also no one was willing to help him. They walked away to the artisan vegetable.

"Pity," said King.

Vegetable cobbler looked exhausted and his body full of sweat dries. After a pause, artisan vegetable haste to the palace to deliver vegetables.

The king smiled, then went to the palace to meet the people who will see him. With an authoritative voice, the King call a vegetable and told how luhurnya artisan vegetable cultivation was compared with wealthy merchants who are here.

King gave a very unexpected gift by the craftsman vegetables. A bag containing the money and gold.

King warned that the capital used to open the store, so artisan vegetable no longer need to carry merchandise.

Other people speechless and ashamed of himself, for not having a sense of goodness only to help lift the stone on the road to the palace. Though the King has always helped them so that they can trade successfully.

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