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Dwi Anggia

Batik, one of the many cultural richness of Indonesia. Once people recognize batik as an antique, and mostly used as a sling to mothers or even grandmothers. Rarely do young people wear batik. Even batik is used only for formal occasions or certain events.

But now, you might feel and see firsthand, batik is used by many people. It is as if the batik medium dipuncak glory. Those vying to wear batik, male, female, old, young. Not only ordinary people, as well has penetrated kekalangan batik artist. With a variety of reasons they are using batik.

There are just following the trend. As I quoted from an artist, "Yeah, it was already old's batik fashion, had my mother. But now again this season, so I wear wrote ... ".

There is also an excuse to preserve cultural treasures. There are linking this with the national awakening, batik is characterized as cultural renaissance.

Finally batik is no longer the old-fashioned clothing and formal wear, but a fashion that dominates the fashion world in 2008.

Is this really a vibrant cultural renaissance of nationalism? Or just a fashion trend for one year only and sunk? Or just because austerity businesspeople look fairly promising business opportunity?

But whatever it is, at least indirectly batik users have saved one of our cultural treasures stolen almost any other nation.

And, most importantly, the users of batik, consciously and unconsciously have appreciated the work of batik craftsmen in the area for many years almost never feel the work they're really appreciated.

Thanks grandma, mother in Solo, Yogyakarta, Cirebon, Pekalongan and elsewhere who continue to donate works beautifully for this national culture.

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