Headset Use Hazard (Earphones)

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Overuse or too pushy use the headset will cause damage to hearing loss or hearing impairment (deaf, deaf, etc..). Moreover, usually earphone / headset used with set top of my lungs to "fight" noise from outside which we normally use in places crowded / noisy. It's very high risk.

Deafness has been able to attack the earlier. Early ear often use earphones do not feel anything, but when about to pull out earphones, ear buzzing was hot and great.

It occurs due to fatigue cochlea [the snail], which plays an important role in auditory processing. Cochlear fatigue that occurs constantly and not addressed promptly can lead to hearing loss persisted.

For people with normal hearing, audiograms lies between zero and 20 decibels. on top of that figure, meaning that conditions are not right ear.

The impact can only be treated with therapy hiperbalik [giving special drugs] is reduced to the level of deafness, but not cured. Therefore, the hair cells are damaged in the inner ear organ that serves capturing stimuli or the frequency of the sound. When the sections are already disturbed and damaged, will not be able to return to normal.

The World Health Organization [WHO], 2030 Sound Hearing also been reprogrammed to reduce cases of hearing loss and deafness by 50 percent by 2015, and 90 percent in the next 15 years. The main problem is the wrong lifestyle habits such as the use of earphones.

Also, do not use it while driving or in a noisy highway. This will make the user does not hear the warning voice / other cars, etc., which are likely to cause accidents. Self-awareness is decreased due to the transfer of our concentration from the surrounding environment and the path to the sound of the earphones.

The balance of the body can be broken because of the air pressure affects the balance of the body when we use the earphone in the street or at the wheel. We better be diligent in cleaning the ears of ear wax so as not to infection.

By knowing the dangers of using a headset [earphones] above, hopefully could be a warning for us not to overuse headset / earphone

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