Historical monument

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National Monument located on Monument Square, Central Jakarta, was built in the decade 1961an. National Memorial was built on an area of 80 acres. This monument diarsiteki by Soedarsono and Frederich Silaban, a consultant Ir. Rooseno, began construction in August 1959, and officially opened August 17, 1961 by President Soekarno. Monument was officially opened to the public on July 12, 1975.

Aim of developing the Monas monument commemorate and preserve the Indonesian struggle for independence during the revolution of 1945, in order to inspire and patriotism terbangkitnya present and future generations.

Monument towering monument and symbolizes the phallus (pestle or anatan) the full dimensions of the culture of Indonesia. All the court of the cup symbolizes the Yoni (barns). Alu and the barn is a household appliance that almost every home there are indigenous people of Indonesia.

Golf Monas experienced five times the renaming Gambier Field, Field Ikada, Merdeka Square, National Monument Square and Monument Park. Around the monument there is a garden, two ponds and some open fields where exercise. On days off, Sundays or school holidays many people who visit here.

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